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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Templar Hunts – Harold Drake, Wallace Bone, Beatrice Gribble

by Prima Games Staff

Templar Hunts in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate task you with killing different targets specific ways; an air assassination, Voltaic Bomb and other means.  Finish these missions and you’ll earn lots of money and XP, with the option for even more if you get full synch bonuses. 

This feature will tell you how to beat all of the Templar Hunts in the game, along with the required levels. 

Harold Drake 

Reach level 2 and then head to Whitechapel to find Harold Drake. To complete this Templar Hunt, you must kill him using a box of dynamite.

Use stealth to silently walk through the market towards Harold Drake, who is near some pallets of food and other objects. Close to this location are boxes of dynamite. Light one of these boxes and then quickly escape the market. You should be able to move a good distance away to avoid the explosion. You receive £132 and 200 XP, plus another £75 and 100 XP if you achieve a full synch bonus. 

Martin Church 

For this Templar Hunt, upgrade your character to level 3 and go to Lambeth. You will need to use your Hidden Blade to successfully pull off this assassination.

Go to the church and ascend the nearest wall until you’re on top of the building. Carefully sneak up behind the scout and kill this adversary, then take a dive off the church into the cart filled with leaves. Patience is key, so wait until Martin Church passes by and whistle to get his attention. Once he’s close enough, quickly execute him with the Hidden Blade and pull his body into the pile of leaves. Now exit the pile and return to the top of the church and out of this area to finish the hunt. You earn £400 and 300 XP, plus £75 and 100 XP for a full synch bonus. 

The Lambeth Bullies – Clyde and Ada

If you took down Martin Church then you’re already level 3 or higher, so remain in Lambeth to kill Clyde and Ada.  You want to make sure they do not kill more than two innocent people. 

Climb up to the rooftops overlooking the courtyard where these two hang out. Now leap to the connected buildings. Use the rope to drop down, then assassinate Clyde. When he’s dead, quickly run over to Ada and take her down. Now leave this area to finish the mission, which pays out £264 and 250 XP, and another £75 and 100 XP for the full synch bonus. 

The Fletchers 

Remain in Lambeth, specifically the rooftops in order to keep a close eye on your intended targets. You will need to kill them both at the same time, which is easier than it may sound. We hope you’re at least level 3. 

Follow the Fletchers long enough and they will head south. Fortunately you have options. Either use a Nitro crate to kill them both, or go for the double assassination to put these lowlifes in the grave. The former is by far the noisier approach, and there’s a chance you will attract unwanted attention and/or fail the mission. You receive £264 and 250 XP for the trouble, with an additional £75 and 100 XP full synch bonus. 

The Jekyll Brothers

Move on to The Thames in order to locate the Jekyll Brothers, providing you’re level 3 or higher. Unlike most of the assassinations listed, you don’t kill these two. Instead, you need a police officer to get involved. The best part? Only one of the brothers needs to die.

Go to the docks and activate Eagle Vision to identify the targets. Intentionally bump into one of these guys and he should chase after your character. Make a beeline to the cop and he’ll target the Jekyll brother and arrest him. With one of your targets incapacitated, go back to the remaining sibling, slaughter him and then escape using the water. You’ll get £132 and 200 XP, plus £75 and 100 XP for the full synch bonus. 

Tom Eccleston 

Upgrade to level 4 and stay in The Thames to find Tom Eccleston, who needs to meet his end via air assassination.

Hang out on the walkway overlooking the road, go to the restricted area and then travel south. Jump up onto the ledge and then pan the camera towards the end of the dock. You should be able to see a planter box. Activate Eagle Vision to easily spot Tom, and now it’s a matter of playing the waiting game until he’s close enough for you to do the air assassination. Now climb up the wall and dash across the street to beat the mission. This Templar Hunt pays out £264 and 250 XP, and the full synch bonus provides an extra £100 and 125 XP. 

Captain Hargrave II 

Don’t leave The Thames yet because there’s one more person to assassinate, with the challenge of tossing his corpse into the river. You should be level 4, so let’s get to killing! 

You find the captain on his ship in the middle of The Thames river. Choose one of the surrounding boats and climb up its high mast. Identify Captain Hargrave II and use your character’s Rope Launch to travel above him. Kill him and his associate, then dump the captain’s body into the water. Swim away and the assassination is complete. You will earn £264 and 250 XP, along with a full synch bonus of £100 and 125 XP. 

The Slaughterhouse Siblings 

Upgrade to level 5 and go to the historic City of London, where you must somehow get one sibling (Charlie) to kill the other. 

Proceed to the middle of the courtyard and go to the top of the house. Assassinate the scout hanging out on the roof, then the scout on the balcony. Now rely on ledge assassinations to take down some goons inside, but be careful where the bodies land because there are police on patrol.  Carefully go inside of the house and stick Charlie with a hallucinogenic dart. Quickly flee the house and the now crazed sibling will do the rest. All you’ll need to do is go back inside and slay Charlie. Go to the streets and the mission is over. You get £264 and 250 XP, along with another £125 and 150 XP for the full synch bonus. 

Myrtle Platt 

Get your level 5 self to Southwark, where you take out Myrtle Platt with hanging barrels. 

Use your Rope Launch to reach the factory roof, then gain entry using the door. Silently take down the one bad guy and proceed to the next level. There’s another enemy to kill, and we suggest a throwing knife to keep things nice and quiet. 

When you’re on the next level, you’ll see Myrtle Platt and two more adversaries. Kill the latter and whistle so Platt walks over to the barrels. When the target is in range, shoot the barrels or toss a throwing knife to set them loose, thereby killing Myrtle. Flee through the open window and follow the pipes until this mission concludes. Now you have £400 and 300 XP, plus £125 and 300 XP if you achieved the full synch bonus.

Phillip Beckinridge

Don’t be too hasty to leave Southwark. Phillip Beckinridge is the next person on your hit list, and you simply need to run over this fellow with a horse-drawn carriage, if you’re level 5 or higher, of course.

Get into one of these vehicles and slowly make your way along the road. It’s important to stay on the road for the time being to avoid unwanted attention. Now rely on Eagle Vision to see Phillip and wait for him to appear on the bottom floor of the market. Line this person up with your carriage and crush him! You’ll put £400 into your pocket and get 300 XP, plus another £125 and 150 XP with the full synch bonus. 

Eveline Dipper

Go back to the City of London to meet Eveline Dipper, who needs to die while affected by one of your smoke bombs. Make sure you’re at level 6 before doing this assassination.

Use the Rope Launch to get onto a rooftop, then spot the one enemy in the area. Slaughter this dude, activate Eagle Vision and spot Eveline in the courtyard. Now chuck a smoke bomb in her direction. Pull off a Leap of Faith and make her dead. Rope Launch back onto a roof and then zip line to another building across the street. The payout is £400 and 300 XP, then another £150 and 150 XP with the full synch bonus. 

Thomas Blackroot

For this assassination, you kill and then drop the target into a grave. First, upgrade to level 6.

Remain in the City of London and go to the tiny graveyard. You can kill the goons nearby or use stealth to avoid them altogether. Make your choice and go to the graveyard where Thomas Blackroot is located. When he’s no longer among the living, take down enemies in the area (if any) and look for the grave with the Glitch. Dump Blackroot’s corpse into this grave and leave the area to complete the Templar Hunt. You fill your pockets with £400 and benefit from 300 XP, then another £150 and 150 XP with the full synch bonus.

Peter Needham 

When you reach level 7, go to The Strand and prepare to kill the treacherous Peter Needham using explosives. 

After reaching the target’s location, look for the yellow brick building and Rope Launch onto it. Now find the tree in the courtyard and drop behind it. Look for Peter walking up and down some steps. He’ll walk away from you and then up some stairs. Go over and pick up some Nitro bottles. When he walks down the stairs, throw the Nitro bottles in his direction. The resulting explosion (and his death) draws enemy attention, so Rope Launch out of there and run across the street to beat this Templar Hunt, which pays out £400 and 300 XP. 

Louis Blake 

Stick around The Strand to kill Louis Blake, but make sure you’re level 8 before attempting the assassination, and a headshot is best. 

Louis is in the park, but don’t head in there yet. Stick to the surrounding fence and make note of his location with Eagle Vision; you’ll see two thugs and a scout nearby. 

Keep walking along the fence and you’ll see a tree that lines up with Blake. Climb the fence in stealth mode and move towards the target. Now activate Eagle Vision and hit him in the head with a throwing knife. When he’s down, go back to the street and Rope Launch to a building to escape. Killing Louis Blake results in a whopping £532 and 360 XP, and it gets better with a full synch bonus, resulting in £250 and 250 XP more. 

Argus and Rose Bartlett 

You still have work to do in The Strand at level 8, specifically the assassination of Argus and Rose Bartlett. Both need to die, but for one, you must pull off a cover kill. 

Go through the North alley and sneak through the walls and cargo in the area. Move clockwise within the courtyard, taking down enemies as they appear. With Argus or Rose in sight, use a wall to hide and cut off your target. Wait until this person is close enough or whistle to speed things up, though whistling may attract other baddies in the area. Pull off the cover kill and then go after the remaining target. Go onto a rooftop and get the heck out of there. You’ll collect £532 and 360 XP, and with the full synch bonus, £250 and 250 XP more. 

Wallace Bone 

Upgrade to level 8 and go to Westminster in order to find Wallace Bone. Compared to other stipulations this one seems easy. Kill Wallace while hidden from view!

Access the rooftops to the east and spot Wallace, then study his route. When he’s as south as he can go, use a hallucinogenic dart on the Brute to the north. A fight breaks out, and hopefully the enemy near the hiding spot joins the brawl. Wallace will now proceed north towards this hiding spot, which is exactly where you want to be. Quickly take him down and use the rooftops to flee. You will receive £532 and 360 XP, then another £250 and 250 XP with the full synch bonus. 

Beatrice Gribble 

Level 8 won’t get the job done. You need to be level 9 before killing Beatrice Gribble with a Voltaic Bomb. 

While in Westminster, look for Gribble in a tiny park. Now start chucking Voltaic Bombs at her. You also have the option of reducing her health with different means and then landing the final blow with a Voltaic Bomb if your supply is low. You will also need to deal with nearby adversaries.  As for the payout, Gribble’s demise results in £600 and 430 XP, and the full synch bonus is massive, with an additional £350 and 300 XP. 

Edgar Collicott and His Bodyguard 

Both Edgar and his female bodyguard need to perish, but one of these guys must croak via air assassination. You’re already level 9, right? If not, do it now. 

To make this challenging, the developers put five scouts nearby. Before dealing with these guys, use the Rope Launcher to get onto the roof. When you’re above either target, do the air assassination. With this out of the way, kill the remaining person and collect the £600 and 430 XP, with another £350 and 300 XP with the full synch bonus. 

Now learn how to make more money in London, then find all of the collectibles with the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Walkthrough. If you need interactive maps, the Official eGuide is the way to go.

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