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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: Find the Letters, Royal Correspondence Locations

by Prima Games Staff

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate contains quite a few collectible items, including 12 Royal Correspondence letters carefully hidden in the borough of Westminster. Each one contains a red wax seal, and picking one up gives the player XP. Find them all to receive the Lady Anne Greenwood’s Cape, along with a trophy or achievement depending on the console.

To begin, head to Buckingham Palace in Westminster, but before doing this, it’s important to clear the borough beforehand, since there are Blighters nearby. Otherwise, it should take an hour to gather all of the letters. When you find them all, buy the cape for $6,000.  If you’re short on virtual cash, opening roughly 10 common chests throughout the game should do it; you’ll find valuable crafting materials to boot. 

Tips for Finding Royal Correspondence Letters 

  • These letters appear as envelope icons providing you found them on the map. 
  • Additionally, players will discover chests near these letters. Open each chest and collect the loot inside.
  • If for some reason you can’t find a particular letter, activate a waypoint on the map and you’ll receive specific directions. 
  • While it’s OK to kill Royal Guards, we prefer sneaking up behind these guys and taking each one down using non-lethal means. No reason to be a monster.

Royal Correspondence Locations 

Royal Correspondence Letter 1

When you arrive at Buckingham palace, head east towards the lake. Once there, go northeast and you’ll find the letter on a bench close to a fountain. 

Royal Correspondence Letter 2

Now head back to the lake and wander around the north shore. See the bridge? This letter is to the east of it.

Royal Correspondence Letter 3

Return to Buckingham Palace and head northeast towards the border of Westminster, specifically where the border turns 90 degrees. You’ll find the letter atop a wall by some steps.

Royal Correspondence Letter 4 

When you’re at Buckingham Palace, go to the northeast corner, then directly north. The letter resides by a tree, and there’s a chair close by. 

Royal Correspondence Letter 5 

From Buckingham Palace, travel northwest and you’ll encounter a merchant peddling supplies. Look for the water fountain and the Royal Correspondence Letter. 

Royal Correspondence Letter 6 

To find this letter, go west of Buckingham Palace and then towards the lake. Explore the shoreline and be on the lookout for a bench. The letter is on top of this bench. 

Royal Correspondence Letter 7 

Remain at the lake that is west of Buckingham Palace. Have a swim towards the island in the center of this lake. The letter is over there by a shovel. 

Royal Correspondence Letter 8 

Proceed to Buckingham Palace and make note of the road leading southeast. Take the road until you pass the first square-shaped building. Pan the camera to the right to see a table and chair. The letter is on the table. 

Royal Correspondence Letter 9 

Go into the southwest yard of Buckingham and the letter sits between a palace wall and carriage. 

Royal Correspondence Letter 10

Walk to the south wall of Buckingham Palace and keep an eye out for a wall you can fall from onto some windows. The letter is under one of these windows. 

Royal Correspondence Letter 11

Now go to the Buckingham Palace western wall and look for a window you can go into. When you’re inside, the letter is on a desk. There are Royal Guards nearby, so be cautious! We suggest peaking through the window to see where they are prior to entering. 

Royal Correspondence Letter 12 

Complete your collection of Royal Correspondence Letters by heading to the Buckingham Palace north wall, then the northeast corner. The letter is on the ground beneath a window. 

Now that you have all of the Royal Correspondence Letters, find the Secrets of London and Beer Bottles. Then visit the Assassin’s Creed Walkthrough and Guide. For interactive maps and in-depth strategies, unlock the Official eGuide. The hardcover Collector’s Guide, on the other hand, comes with the exclusive Angel Knuckles in-game item.