Assassin’s Creed Rogue Weapon Guide – Berserk Grenade, Throwing Knife

Become a master assassin with Shay Patrick Cormac’s tricks of the trade.

Kill sharks, wolves and whales with Prima’s Assassin’s Creed Rogue Hunting Guide!

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Assassin’s Creed fans can double dip this year, with two brand-new adventures debuting on the same day. Xbox One and PS4 users have AC Unity, while gamers still holding on to their Xbox 360s and PS3s can pick up AC Rogue. The latter takes place in the 18th century and casts them as Shay Patrick Cormac, an assassin hunter exploring the North Atlantic by land and sea. There are a variety of threats to overcome, from heavily armed guards to ferocious animals. 

Thankfully, Shay has access to a plethora of weapons, from traditional hidden blades to a sword, air rifle and knowing knife. With that in mind, check out the different toys you can play with. 

Hidden Blades 

These discreet instruments of death are Assassin’s Creed staples. Ideally, you want to use them when sneaking up on someone. Do not choose the hidden blades when in the thick of combat, especially against enemies with swords or firearms. 

Sword and Dagger

Surrounded? Whip out one of these razor-sharp weapons and leave bodies in your wake. You’re free to mash buttons like crazy, but we suggest mastering the counterattack. Wait for the red icon to appear above an enemy’s head, then press the counter button. In addition, use Break Defense if an opponent blocks or deflects your swing. 

The sword and dagger you equip will impact Shay’s damage, speed and combo ability. The better the weapons, the easier it will be to slaughter multiple bad guys at once. Above all else, don’t stress out over making the smallest of upgrades. Once you find a favorite sword and dagger set, use if for as long as you’d like. 

To see the complete list of sword and dagger sets, unlock Prima’s AC Rogue eGuide

Unarmed Combat

You know the old saying, never bring two fists to a gunfight, or something like that. Anyway, you should only rely on fisticuffs during barroom brawls. Otherwise, counter an armed foe and use Break Defense to steal his weapon. Perfect against gun-carrying adversaries. Remember when you didn’t have a pistol? Well, now you do! 

Air Rifle 

This multi-purpose weapon fires two forms of ammo: darts and grenades. Here’s the breakdown. 


Sleeping Dart: As the name implies, this dart makes the intended target go sleepy bye for a brief period of time, and you can make upgrades to increase the length of his nap. A non-lethal means of completing challenges, sure, but great if you need to sneak past someone unnoticed. 

Berserk Dart: Hit someone with one of these babies and he’ll turn on his comrades, critically injuring anyone in range, including you. Even better, the poor guy dies after the effect wears off. 

Firecracker Dart: On their own, firecracker darts won’t hurt anyone. Use them as a distraction to lure assassins and other enemies to a specific location. On top of that, you can fire them towards poison and gunpowder barrels to make them explode. 


Sleep Grenade: These work similar to sleep darts, except you can put several guards down at once. Stealthily walk past these guys or cut their throats for kicks. Up to you. 

Berserk Grenade: Whereas the berserk dart transforms one man into a crazy person, the grenade affects multiple people, essentially creating an angry mob. Don’t go anywhere near them. Instead, remain a safe distance away and watch the carnage unfold. 

Shrapnel Grenade: Stealth goes out the proverbial window when using a shrapnel grenade. Blow open doors, kill multiple enemies at the same time and take down some of the nastier animals in Assassin’s Creed Rogue.  These grenades attract attention, but sometimes you need to make a grand entrance or escape. 


Perfect for hitting enemies from a distance with the intent to stun or kill. Even cooler because Shay carries twin pistols, so you can hit someone in the body and then finish him off with a well-placed headshot. 

The AC Rogue eGuide includes all of the game’s pistols, complete with stats. 

Smoke Bomb 

Do your best ninja impression by dropping a smoke bomb. This item serves a dual purpose, allowing you to make an escape or perform assassinations on confused opponents. You’ll have at least 10 seconds to deal critical damage.

Rope Dart 

If it’s you against a single opponent, use the rope dart to hang him by his neck. If he tries to run, the dart also trips him up. Cool item to have, but mostly ineffective against groups. 

Throwing Money 

While not a weapon per se, greedy civilians will immediately swarm to pick up the loose change, creating a distraction.  Don’t be afraid to spread the wealth, as it might get you out of a tricky situation. 

Throwing Knife

Easily one of the coolest weapons in the game and great for one-hit kills. Unfortunately, you can only carry one throwing knife at a time, and must steal more from downed guards. 


Unfortunately you can’t use pistols on a killer whale. For this, you’ll need harpoons. You want to make upgrades to boost the damage from thrown projectiles, then increase the number of harpoons you can carry.

Harpooning a whale kicks off a mini-game of sorts where the creature pulls your boat through the water and into dangerous ice. Occasionally, the animal will resurface and potentially charge your boat. Be patient and throw harpoons with great accuracy. Do not waste these limited resources.

Assassin's Creed Rogue

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