ARMS – How to Unlock Ranked Mode

Find out how to gain access to Ranked Mode in Nintendo’s new fighting game.

When you first start up ARMS you will not have access to Ranked Mode. If you want to play Ranked Mode against other players online and increase your rank, that feature has to be unlocked. This article covers how to unlock Ranked Mode in ARMS for the Nintendo Switch, so you skip the party and head straight for the tough competition.

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Unlock Ranked Mode

To unlock Ranked Mode in ARMS for the Nintendo Switch, simply complete Grand Prix Mode on difficulty 4 or higher. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you or how many times you lose along the way. You can even save your progress and pick it up another day. So long as you completed Grand Prix Mode on difficulty 4 or higher you will unlock Ranked Mode.

Difficulty 4 Quick Tips

On difficulty level 4 the computer starts to play a bit tougher. It’s highly recommended that you pick your best character and don’t always attack first. The first few matches aren’t all that difficult, and you can probably just mash attacks and win. However, once you get into the fourth or fifth match, things will start to get a bit more challenging.

For the most part you can just let the computer attack first, dodge, then land a virtually guaranteed punch. Stay moderately close to the opponent so your counter punch is fast enough to connect. In addition, once you have a full Rush gauge (super meter), just wait for the computer to attack and immediately activate your Rush move. Your Rush attacks will go right through the computer’s attack, giving you a guaranteed super move!

Maxx Brass

You should be able to fight the first boss the same way you do the other fighters, but there are a few things to note. First off, if you see Maxx flex and bulk up, that means he now has super armor. If you hit him with a non-charged punch it will inflict damage, but he won’t stop whatever he’s doing. If he’s in the middle of his own punch, that punch will keep moving toward you. It’s also a good idea to use an ice or electric element Arm so that you can slow Maxx’s movement or stun him to get guaranteed combos.


The biggest difference fighting Hedlock compared to other opponents is that Hedlock has six total Arms. Even if you disable or dodge one or two Arms, he still has a lot more he can attack you with. Luckily, at level 4 difficulty he isn’t overly difficult (wait until you see him at level 7). Once again, an ice or electric element Arm is highly recommended so you can stun or slow Hedlock and land some easy hits. As long as you play it safe and don’t get overly aggressive you can treat Hedlock like most other opponents you faced on the way here.

Check out our complete rundown of Grand Priz mode and the boss to give you more detailed help in completing the mode and unlocking Ranked Mode. You can find all this and more in our ARMS game hub!


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