Are Egyptian Treasure Locations Random In Monopoly GO? – Answered

Are all the treasures in the same spot, or is it random?

Monopoly GO how to get more pickaxes
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As Monopoly GO showcases another exciting event, players may be wondering if their Treasure locations are all in the same spot or not. Let’s find out if Treasure Locations are randomized during the Egyptian Treasure event in Monopoly GO.

Are Treasure Locations Randomized In Monopoly GO Egyptian Treasure Event?

If you’re hoping that you can cheat your way to victory (no shame, I was in the same boat), you’re out of luck because all of the spots where treasure may be located are completely randomized for every player. This was confirmed as my wife and I were playing through the same level of the Egyptian Treasure event and had different items spawn in different spots.

While this may make the grind to get more Axes more of a pain than expected originally, you can earn plenty by completing different events and hopefully earn enough to unlock the coveted Egyptian Cat token before the event comes to an end.

It may be a struggle to get as many pickaxes as you may need to complete the event, but we’ve got your back. Be sure to keep working your way through different Daily Quests to get your hands on a fair number of them, and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty by completing plenty of events that will reward you handsomely.

No matter if you’re just starting with Monopoly GO or you’re nearing your 100th board clear, we’ve got you covered on a variety of different subjects that make the game exciting. Looking to find out if you can trade dice with friends, or just want to find out how to customize your shields in the game? Check out our section below to learn about those topics and so much more.

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