October 1st will be an exhilarating day for the Apex Legends community with the launch of Season 3 taking place. Season 3 will be bringing a heavy dose of new content for players to enjoy. One of the most significant pieces of content that will be added to the High-profile battle royale game will be a new map known as World's Edge. 

Are you interested in learning more about the location of World's Edge? If so, be sure to check out everything you need to know below.

Apex Legends New Map World's Edge

Apex Legends New Map Worlds Edge

World's Edge will be the second map in the Apex Legends universe and is located on the planet of Talos. All of our favorite Apex legends will be making their way to this location from the game's first area of King's Canyon on Planet Solace. 

This new map contains various climates which have resulted in there being a wide range of different environments available for players to explore in their battles. According to the official description of this arena, the new Apex Legends map of World's Edge is where "molten heat and chemical ice collide." This description is shown off in the official Season 3 launch trailer where the characters of the battle royale title do battle in a wide range of icy and warmer climates. 

There is no doubt that there will be plenty of players excited to try out everything the new Apex Legends map of World's Edge has to offer when it is officially released. 

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