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Apex Legends Duos Guide – How to Play

by Nicholas Barth

One of the unique aspects of Apex Legends that has separated it from other battle royale and first-person shooter titles has been its focus on three-player teams. However, the community has vocalized their desire for Respawn Entertainment to implement a duos game mode where two friends can jump in by themselves. Fortunately, the developer has listened and has added duos back into the high-profile time, albeit for a limited time only. 

Apex Legends Duos

Players will be able to compete in the duos game mode for a week. The fan-favorite playlist will become available for players to dive into the beginning on Tuesday, February 11th, as a part of the new Valentine’s Day Rendezvous event. The duos game mode will then be in the battle royale title until Tuesday, February 18th. 

Apex Legends Duos

All that you have to do is select the new game mode in the playlist selection menu in the bottom left corner of your screen before you ready up for a match to experience Valentine’s Day Rendezvous playlist update.

Many players will be sad to see that this game mode will only be around for seven days. However, a robust vocal appreciation for the playlist by the player base on social media throughout Valentine’s Day Rendezvous event could perhaps sway Respawn Entertainment to keep the game mode in the battle royale game permanently. 

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