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How to Get the Devotion in Apex Legends Season 4

by Nicholas Barth

Season 4: Assimilation has officially arrived in Apex Legends. This new period of content has brought a treasure trove of new things for players to experience. One of the most significant changes that occurred with the implementation of Season 4 was the change made to how players can obtain the Devotion energy light machine gun when they are playing. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about how you can get your hands on the Devotion light machine gun now covered for you.

Apex Legends Devotion Season 4

This particular weapon is now only available by securing it from an airdrop. This energy light machine gun replaces the L-Star as a crate weapon and joins the likes of the Kraber and the Mastiff. Players can now no longer find the Devotion on the ground or in loot chests. Respawn Entertainment stated that the reason for this change was because of a fully kitted out Devotion being one of the strongest weapons in the game. The L-Star, also being an energy light machine gun, was a perfect candidate to switch with the Devotion. 

Apex Legends Devotion Season 4

(photo courtesy of Apex Legends Wiki via Gamepedia)

Now, individuals who open up an airdrop will have the chance of getting a kitted out version of this light machine gun with a base magazine size of 54 rounds and a total ammo reserve of 162 rounds. It also possesses the benefit of the turbocharger attachment even though the Turbocharger was removed from the game’s loot pool at the start of Season 4. 

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