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How to Get Apex Legends Revenant Twitch Prime Skin

by Nicholas Barth

The start of Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation saw the introduction of Revenant to the battle royale title’s vast roster of characters. The robotic assassin is a formidable character and has likely become the main for plenty of players over the past day. Players will soon be able to get an exclusive skin for Revenant by being a Twitch Prime member to add another skin to the character’s cosmetic item collection. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the Twitch Prime skin for Revenant covered for you.

Apex Legends Revenant Twitch Prime Skin

Twitch Prime members will be able to acquire the exclusive skin beginning on Friday, February 7th. This release date means players who are members of the service only have to wait two more days before they can add this exclusive outfit to their collections. 

 Apex Legends Revenant Twitch Prime Skin

Now, the official website for the membership program of the high-profile streaming service does not yet have an image of what this outfit will look like for the hitman. However, well-known dataminer That1MiningGuy was able to dig through the battle royale title’s files and find an image for what the Twitch Prime Revenant skin will look like which you can see below: 

Interested individuals will need to make sure that they are an active member of the service and that their Origin, Xbox Live, or PlayStation Network account is linked to their Twitch Prime account. You can check to see if they connected on the connections page for the streaming platform. They can then head to the service’s Apex Legends website and claim the exclusive cosmetic item. 

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