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Apex Legends Characters | Every Apex Legends Character Class Explained

New to Apex? Come on in and get introduced to the characters.

by Nikola L
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Apex Legends is one of the most popular Battle Royale games nowadays with fast-paced gameplay and a highly competitive environment. If you are new to the game, we’ll guide you through all of the classes and characters in Apex Legends in order to help you choose your main character(s) and of course, more importantly, to know what you might be playing with and against.

All Apex Legends Classes Explained

A bit of a disclaimer: we understand that text cannot exactly convey the character’s abilities all the time, but we are sure the information will be very helpful for your first encounter with the characters so that you have a basic understanding of what can happen. We’ve divided the articles by classes so that you do not get overwhelmed in one reading. Take your time to research the characters and keep training.

Common Abilities of all Legends in Apex Legends

  • All Legends can run, sprint, crouch, jump, crouch walk, climb walls, and slide like in most FPS games.
  • With jump kits, they can skydive from great heights and relocate themselves.
  • Legends have three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. The size of the Legend determines the hitbox with a few minor exceptions.
  • Should you get downed, you can still crawl slowly in an attempt to run to safety so a teammate can revive you. Having a knockdown shield also helps you in your survival efforts.
  • When a Legend dies, a crate called Death Box is dropped, and it, as in most battle royale games, has all of the gear that the passed Legend had on them prior to being killed. Teammates can use the Banner Card on a Respawn Beacon to bring them back to life and back into the fight.
  • You can execute a downed enemy with a close-range finisher move, which will fill your Body Shield. Every character has a couple of those finishers that are unique to them, so you might think you turned wrong at Albuquerque and ended up in Mortal Kombat.
  • Every Legend can equip up to two weapons and one of each type of gear.
  • Every Legend has 10 slots that can be used for grenades, attachments for weapons, ammunition, and healing items. In addition to these ten slots, you can get a Backpack which will provide you with more storage space.
  • Every Legend has a melee attack that strikes for 30 damage.

Offensive Legends

They are the masters of direct, frontal combat and have interesting abilities.

Apex Legends Characters | Every Apex Legends Offensive Legend Character & Abilities

Defensive Legends

They are adept at protecting themselves and teammates, building up covers, fortifications, and shields, and their defenses are top-notch compared to other classes.

Apex Legends Characters | Every Apex Legends Defensive Legend Character and their Abilities

Support Legends

Not very combative on their own compared to other classes, but they are second to none in providing support in terms of healing, reviving, and delivering cool weapons and gear to their teammates. Perhaps not very flashy and attractive to play (for highlight reels etc.) but they are the silent and sturdy pillar of the team. No songs are sung about them, but they bring the most to the table in a lot of scenarios.

Apex Legends Characters | Every Apex Legends Support Legend Character and their Abilities

Recon Legends

Not that great in combat compared to Offensive and Defensive Legends, but they are the masters of providing invaluable intel to their teammates. Having information on enemy whereabouts is definitely something that can be a deciding factor in some matches so do not neglect this class.

Apex Legends Characters | Every Apex Legends Recon Legend Character and their Abilities

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