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Apex Legends: All Revelry Launch Twitch Drops and How to Get Them

Watch and receive.

by Matt Vatankhah

The Apex Legends Fourth Anniversary event is kicking off with tons of limited-time cosmetics and rewards to pick up during the celebration. With a community-created rewards tracker, a handful of event-exclusive legendary skins, and even the chance for 150 heirloom shards, there’s never been a better time to jump in and join the party. In addition to in-game rewards you’ll earn just by playing, you’ll also be able to scrape up some further rewards outside of the game by watching Twitch streamers on select dates. Here are all the Twitch drops up for grabs for the Apex Legends Revelry Season launch.

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Apex Legends: All Revelry Launch Twitch Drops and How to Get Them

Starting on February 14 through February 17, you’ll have the chance to pick up three different rewards per day just by watching Twitch streamers playing Apex Legends.

In order for your watch time to count, you’ll need to watch streamers with the Drops Enabled tag on their streams.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Each day, you’ll receive up to three different rewards for every hour watched.

  • Exclusive Loading Screen – dropped after watching one hour
  • Exclusive Gun Charm – dropped after watching two hours
  • Apex Pack – dropped after watching three hours

The schedule for the Revelry Launch Twitch drops are as follows:

  • Drop One – Tues, Feb 14 at 8 AM PT through Wed, Feb 15 at 8 AM PT
  • Drop Two – Weds, Feb 15 at 8 AM PT through Thurs, Feb 16 at 8 AM PT
  • Drop Three – Thurs, Feb 16 at 8 AM PT through Friday, Feb 17 at 8 AM PT
  • Drop Four – Fri, Feb 17 at 8 AM PT through Sat, Feb 18 at 8 AM PT

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To claim your Twitch drops, head over to the Drops and Rewards page through your Twitch profile. Make sure your Twitch and EA accounts are linked, and press the Claim button once you’ve reached the minimum amount of hours watched per reward.

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