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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – How to Get Sparkle Stones

by Josh Hawkins

There are quite a few different items for players to search for and collect in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, and if you want to craft the higher-end items for you camp, you’re going to need to know the best ways to get your hands on Sparkle Stones, a special resource that is one of the hardest items to obtain in the game. Today we’ll go over what Sparkle Stones are, how you use them, and how to get Sparkle Stones in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

How to Get Sparkle Stones

As we stated above, Sparkle Stones are by far one of the hardest items to get, and that’s because they are actually kind of grindy when it comes to obtaining multiple Sparkle Stones. These special items are only awarded a few ways, the most frequent of which will be done by raising your Friendship Level with different campers. We’ve already talked about how to raise your Friendship Levels quickly, so make sure you use that information to your advantage as you try to get more Sparkle Stones.

You’ll only start receiving Sparkle Stones once you have reached Friendship Level 7 with a camper. At that point you can continue to raise your Friendship Level with them, and you’ll receive a Sparkle Stone with each odd level that you reach—so you’ll get one at Level 7, then another at 9, and so on down the line. If you aren’t into grinding out Friendship Levels, then you can also try to complete Stretch Goals, which will sometimes reward you with Sparkle Stones.

If you’re still having trouble getting Sparkle Stones that way, you can also receive them from going to Shovelstrike Quarry, though this way might actually be considered much tougher by many players.

How to Use Sparkle Stones

Once you know how to get Sparkle Stones, the next logical step is learning how to utilize these hard-to-get items. See, Sparkle Stones are a high-end item used in the crafting of high-end items like walls, screens, carpets, and more. This means you’ll need them to craft the more “wanted” items that you’ll have to have to keep increasing your camp’s appeal to the other campers, as well as to keep your Friendship Levels steadily moving forward.

Honestly, we’d suggest working towards getting these items and holding onto them until you absolutely need them. We suggest this because of how difficult they are to obtain. This will save you time grinding later on, especially if you only use them in crafting when you absolutely need to. Sparkle Stones aren’t the only thing you’ll need to craft higher-end items though, and you’ll want to know how to get more Bells to make sure you can always afford the items that you want to create.

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