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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – How to Get More Leaf Tickets

by Josh Hawkins

Leaf Tickets are a premium currency in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, and they’ll allow you to unlock some premium items like furniture, and other things like that. While it is a premium currency, there are several different ways to obtain these items in the game, and today we’ll tell you everything you need to know to get more Leaf tickets in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

How to Get More Leaf Tickets

As we said before, getting more Leaf Tickets isn’t a big issue, and you can earn them an assortment of ways. We’ve broken down each way below, so take a look to see how to earn more Leaf Tickets, so that you can stock up on all the best items.

Complete Requests

One way to get Leaf Tickets is to start completing requests for animals around the map. Each request you complete will earn you a ton of different rewards ranging from regular items like cotton and other crafting items, as well as a chance to earn some Leaf Tickets for your time. Requests vary from animal to animal, so you’ll want to collect items as you go to make sure you can complete them.

Complete Stretch Goals

Another great way to earn yourself some Leaf Tickets is to complete stretch goals in the game. These are long-term goals that task players with hitting different goals like, harvesting five different fruits, completing requests, meeting new animals, having more visitors to your camp, and so on. You can check these out by clicking the icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. There are also other goals you can work on here, so check them out as well to increase your chances of earning even more Leaf Tickets.

As we said before, there are a few different ways to make Leaf Tickets, and these are all the different ways you can make them without having to purchase them. However, if you so choose, you can also purchase them by simply tapping on the Leaf Tickets icon in the middle of your screen, up at the top.

This will launch a menu where you’ll see various specials they have going on, as well as any usual prices that they have available. You can also check out our guide on how to get more visitors to your camp in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp for more information on how to succeed at running your own camp in Nintendo’s latest mobile game.

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