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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island Tune Guide

by Ginny Woo

If you really want to make your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons stand out, it’s going to be about more than just having a nice flag or having friendly villagers. Yes, we’re talking about making sure that your Animal Crossing New Horizons island tune is something that everyone will want to jam to; after all, you’ll be hearing it pretty much constantly. Here are some tips on how to change yours. 

Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Tune Guide

If you’re wanting to change your Animal Crossing New Horizons island tune then it honestly isn’t all that hard. The island tune is what serenades you every time that you’re talking to a villager, every time you’re trucking around in a store, and also when people come to see you which we reckon is pretty cool. It’s your chance to show off a very unique island identity, and we think that it’s important that it’s something that you absolutely love. Luckily, the game gives you the option to customize it by essentially porting a composition of your own into the game as long as you can make it using whatever instrument Isabelle hands you while you’re at Resident Services. 

  • To change your island tune, you want to follow the following steps:
  • Head over to Resident Services
  • Once you’re there, make a beeline for Isabelle’s desk
  • Talk to Isabelle and when the option for conversation comes up, pick “Change the island tune”
  • This will prompt a shift to a screen where you’re presented with a froggy instrument and you have to create your new theme tune
  • Fiddle around with the notes and pauses until it sounds like what you want
  • The instrument doesn’t accept sharp or flat notes so keep that in mind when you compose
  • Once you’re done, confirm it and Isabelle will sing it pretty adorably for you to hear!

Now that you have our Animal Crossing New Horizons island tune guide to hand, changing yours to whatever you like should be pretty easy so long as you can puzzle out how it sounds on the game’s little froggy instrument! Remember, it doesn’t take any sharp or flat notes so it can’t be anything that’s too complicated unless you want to transpose your favorite anime theme and hope that it doesn’t have any augmented notes. 

Trying to set your island apart from other people who have Animal Crossing: New Horizons? It’s not just about having a unique island tune, it’s also about an aesthetic and we think that having custom flowers is a good way to start. If you need a bit of help with that, you can always check out our guide on flower breeding right here and we’ve also got a very helpful visual aid in the form of a video if you learn better that way. Check it out below. 

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