So, you've been trying to make some money in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and your appetite for the finer things can't quite keep up with how much you're earning. Maybe you've even used our handy guide on how to make Bells quick but home loans are fast outstripping your ability to catch every bug on your island, and then some. Well, you might want to buckle in for this. Here's the Animal Crossing: New Horizons infinite item trick

Animal Crossing New Horizons Infinite Item Trick

If you're trying to make a whole lot of money in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you may already have heard of some glitches that are out there. One that has been proven to work very reliably, though, is the infinite item glitch. If you're not sure how this works, well, we'll explain it briefly. Essentially, if you've got an item sitting on top of a table of some kind, and you have someone else in your town to help you, you can create tons of the same item. Here's how the process works in practice, which we've explained using some steps:

  1. Get someone to come to your island
  2. Set up a surface that can hold items
  3. Put the item that you want to duplicate on top of the table
  4. Have your friend rotate the table while you're pressing Y to pick up the item

This should ensure that you keep spawning that item over and over again, and each time you pick it up and put it in your inventory, you're going to be able to fill your bags with said item. The Nintendo Switch that the game gives you duplicates and sells for a good chunk of money, and if you're someone who's lucky enough to have a Royal Crown, then that will go for heaps. The moral of the story here is, just duplicate an expensive item using the above method until your bags are full and try and try again until you have as much money as you could possibly want. That's simply how the Animal Crossing: New Horizons infinite item trick works. 

Now that you have our Animal Crossing: New Horizons infinite item trick guide in hand, hopefully you too are going to be able to make millions off this by duplicating whatever ridiculously expensive item you've chosen to use the glitch with. You're welcome! Need a hand with anything else related to Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Check out the tips and tricks that we've put together for Island Representatives just like yourself in our dedicated guides hub for the game: