An Award-Winning Xbox Horror Exclusive is Finally Getting a PS5 Release

Hell hath no fury like a PlayStation gamer Scorned

After launching on PC and Xbox Series X|S almost a year ago in October 2022, Scorn, the atmospheric, first-person sci-fi horror game from Ebb Software is set to make its PS5 debut just in time from this year’s spooky season. Here is everything you need to know about Scorn on PlayStation.

Scorn PS5 Release Date

Image via Ebb Software and Kepler Interactive

Scorn will officially arrive on PlayStation 5 on October 2, 2023. Similarly to its Xbox version, the game is current-gen exclusive, and will not receive a PS4 release.

Is Scorn Coming to PlayStation Plus?

While Scorn launched on Xbox Game Pass, giving Microsoft’s videogame streaming subscribers the ability to download the horror title for free, the same can’t be said for PlayStation. Unfortunately, Scorn will not be arriving on PlayStation Plus, and will run gamers $39.99 at release. However, PlayStation Plus subscribers can preorder Scorn at a limited time 10% discount for a $35.99 price (before tax), until its October 2 launch.

Scorn Critical Reception and Accolades

Image via Ebb Software and Kepler Interactive

Although Scorn received middling reviews from critics, and currently holds a 70 Metacritic score for its Xbox Series X version, the game’s art direction and style have been highly praised by reviewers, garnering accolades and nominations at various awards ceremonies since its release. Scorn’s inspiration from the works of the late, legendary sci-fi artist H.R. Giger, led the game to be nominated for “Best Art Direction” at the 2022 Game Awards, along with a win in the same category at the first annual Horror Game Awards in 2023.

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