Amarune’s Almanac Volume 2 Now Available and Tours The Underdark

Had enough of lush forests? Want something with a bit more teeth? Well, Amarune's Almanac Volume 2 is now available and has plenty of tasty fodder about The Underdark for you to sink your teeth into.

It’s not so long ago that we wrote about Amarune’s Almanac and the bevy of forest-themed content that this DMs Guild supplement was bringing to Dungeons & Dragons. Now, we’re happy to inform you that Amarune’s Almanac Volume 2 is now available, and that it lends a fascinating new perspective to an idea that might fly under the radar a little (pardon the pun) – the Underdark. 

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Amarune’s Almanac Volume 2 Now Available and Tours The Underdark 

Maybe you’re a little tired of traipsing around the forest and hanging out with those Circle of the Grove Druids. Hell, they don’t even have the fun kind of mushrooms lying about. Well, never you mind. Amarune’s Almanac Volume 2 gives you the chance to tour the Underdark biome, which is home to more than just renowned Drow. 

We’re talking two new subclasses that you can experiment with, one for Rangers and one for Druids. Druids can now be a part of the Circle of the Dark, a sect specifically built around the dangers of the Underdark and protecting others against it using the innate magic of faezress. As a Circle of the Dark druid, you’ll be able to help out your teammates in a pinch by transmuting land around you into a piece of your home, and you get something akin to Wild Surge which is always chaotically entertaining. Your Wild Shape can also become a lot more fungal in nature – we’re not quite talking the Mushroom people from Dark Souls, but ever wanted to shape into a tree bear? Hell yeah, you can.

Conversely, as a Sharnbound Ranger, your entire schtick will mean that you’ve absorbed the energy of a dying Sharn into your body, granting you immense power but also the awful sensation, well, that your mind might be not your own. As you level up, the beings within you will manifest physical qualities, which could look awfully like terrifying tentacles. Fun! The benefits of being bound to beings like that include, however, include advantage on History and Religion checks about civilizations of yore so, it’s not all bad. We reckon some of the perks at later levels to do with mind control and enhanced physicality will play really well in combat for those who do go the Sharnbound route, so we’re keen to test them out. 

Amarune’s Almanac Volume 2 also comes with a bunch of extra info about the rules of the Underdark for unsuspecting travelers, along with handy tips about the Firelands, Glimmersea, the Sharnwall and more. If you’re after recreational activities for your party while they’re enjoying all the terror and beauty that the Underdark has to offer, there’s also a handy pullout for expeditions. 

Since Amarune’s Almanac Volume 2 is now available and will be retailing for $9.95 on the DMs Guild website here, what better time to scoop it up along with Volume 1 if you want a double whammy of lush locations to set your campaigns? Keep on top of the other stuff that we’re covering when it comes to Dungeons & Dragons by browsing through the following:

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