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In Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, there are a wide variety of collections to keep players busy during the years that pass on the farm. In particular, Wonders act as the in-game achievement system. Each time that you meet a certain requirement, a new Wonder will be unlocked. There are 88 Wonders to collect in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, and you can see them listed below.

Every Wonder in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

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How to Check Your Collected Wonders

Checking to see which Wonders that you may or may not already have collected is a simple process. Unlike other collectibles that are listed in the Encyclopedia, Wonders are listed in a separate location. All that you have to do to locate it is enter the menu by pressing ‘X’. Then make your way to the Farm Info screen. The bottom left will have the option to select the Wonders Collected menu. Press ‘X again to view the list.

The game also alerts you every time that you collect a new Wonder. It does this by sending a message to the blue box out the front of your house. Just like when you receive money from shipping items, or gifts from other residents, the box pops up to signify that it is full. Clicking on it will tell you which Wonder that you unlocked, and how many that you have unlocked in total.

Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life Wonder Menu
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Rewards for Collecting Wonders

If the feeling of completing a list of arbitrary in-game tasks is not enough to motivate you to collect all of the Wonders, you are in luck. The game offers two incentives for you to collect all 88 Wonders in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

As you collect certain amounts of Wonders, you will unlock scenes with the Harvest Sprites as they continue their mission. When you hit 50 Wonders collected, you will receive a special Sprite Outfit.

Collecting 10 Wonders Scene • Collected 10 Wonders
• During Spring
• Livestock out to pasture
• Leave your house
Collecting 20 Wonders Scene • Collected 20 Wonders
• During Summer
• After 10AM
• Romana needs to be in her mansion
• Enter the mansion yard
Collecting 30 Wonders Scene • Collected 30 Wonders
• During Winter
• Leave your farm
Collecting 40 Wonders Scene • Collected 40 Wonders
• From 10AM to 8PM
• Gustafa needs to be in his yurt
• Leave your farm
Collecting 50 Wonders Sprite Outfit• Collected 50 Wonders
• At least one day has passed since the 40 Wonders scene
• Leave house

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All Wonders Listed

Below is a complete list of every Wonder that you can obtain in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

Wonder NameUnlock Requirement
Nice to Meetcha, Nature Sprites!Reach Chapter 1: Beginnings!
Newfound FamilyReached Chapter 2: Branching!
A Happy FamilyReached Chapter 3: Blessings!
Family DramaReached Chapter 4: Blooming!
A Family Without WorryReached Chapter 5: Traversal!
A Family That Stays TogetherReached Chapter 6: Twilight!
It Was a Wonderful LifeReach Chapter 7: Beyond!
My First Best FriendReach max friendship with one animal.
My Three Best FriendsReach max friendship with three animals.
My Five Best FriendsReach max friendship with five animals.
A Treasure Trove of HappinessReach max friendship with eight animals.
Round Noses and Floppy EarsOwn an animal.
Soft Backs and Wavy TailsOwn three animals.
Fluffy Tummies and Tiny HoovesOwn five animals.
A Full Barn is a Happy BarnOwn eight animals.
Soft FeathersOwn one bird.
Pearly FeathersOwn three birds.
Sleek FeathersOwn five birds.
Poultry in MotionOwn eight birds.
A Little FluffHave a baby animal born.
A Little More FluffHave three baby animals born.
Bright Eyed and Bushy-TailedHave five baby animals born.
A Newborn SymphonyHave eight baby animals born.
Heck, That’s a Hybrid!Create five hybrid crops.
How’s THAT a hybrid?Create ten hybrid crops.
Who’s That Hybrid?!Create fifteen hybrid crops.
Encyclopedia HybridtannicaCreate twenty hybrid crops.
The Fortunate FarmerCreate ten rare hybrid crops.
The Capable CultivatorCreate all of the rare hybrid crops.
The Friendly FisherCatch three species of fish.
So-fish-ticatedCatch five species of fish.
Let the Fish-tivities Begin!Catch seven types of fish.
FishnadoCatch ten types of fish.
Fish Near Me Catch every type of fish.
True of HeartFind the Golden Axe whilst fishing.
The Chosen OneFind the Blade of Legend whilst fishing.
I’ll Never TellFind the Message in a Bottle whilst fishing.
Where Treasure GlittersDug up a Golden Artifact at the Dig Site.
As Good as GoldDug up two different Golden Artifacts at the Dig Site.
Treasure TrackerDug up three different Golden Artifacts at the Dig Site.
Going for the GoldDug up four different Golden Artifacts at the Dig Site.
Gold StandardDug up five different Golden Artifacts at the Dig Site.
Lost RemnantDug up a Stone Tablet at the Dig Site.
Echoes of a Lost EraDug up a second Stone Tablet at the Dig Site.
Pieces of HistoryDug up a third Stone Tablet at the Dig Site.
Piles of HistoryDug up a fourth Stone Tablet at the Dig Site.
Once Upon a CurryDug up a fifth Stone Tablet at the Dig Site.
Faintly AppetizingLearn ten recipes.
Something Smells GoodLearn twenty recipes.
Amazing AromasLearn thirty recipes.
Tantalizing the Taste BudsLearn forty recipes.
Mmm, So Tasty!Learn fifty recipes.
Dang That’s DeliciousLearn sixty recipes.
Guaranteed Gourmet FlavorLearn seventy recipes.
Cooking ObsessionLearn eighty recipes.
Masterful MenuLearn ninety recipes.
Captain of the Cookbook!Learn one hundred recipes.
Hero in TrainingComplete ten Bulletin Board requests.
Novice HeroComplete twenty Bulletin Board requests.
Lil HeroComplete thirty Bulletin Board requests.
Decent HeroComplete forty Bulletin Board requests.
Habitual HeroComplete fifty Bulletin Board requests.
Helpful HeroComplete sixty Bulletin Board requests.
Thoughtful HeroComplete seventy Bulletin Board requests.
Capable HeroComplete eighty Bulletin Board requests.
Super HeroComplete ninety Bulletin Board requests.
Charismatic SuperheroComplete one hundred Bulletin Board requests.
My Fair LadybugClean the tombstone.
Tiny WalletAccumulate 10,000G
Big WalletAccumulate 100,000G
Stuffed WalletAccumulate 500,000G
Funny Little FarmPurchase one farm facility.
Frivolous FarmPurchase three farm facilities.
Fantastic FarmPurchase five farm facilities.
Super-Duper Awesome Fun!Purchase ten farm facilities.
Cute as a Nature SpriteLooked at yourself in the mirror.
Fashioned Forward FarmerLooked at yourself in the mirror three times.
The TrendsetterLooked at yourself in the mirror five times.
The Vinyl DoughnutCollected three records.
Dancing to the BeatCollected five records.
Record KeeperCollected seven records.
Record CollectorCollected ten records.
Holy Tool!Receive a Blessed Tool.
Holy DuoReceive two Blessed Tools.
Holy TrioReceive three Blessed Tools.
Holy QuartetReceive four Blessed Tools.
Pan-Paka…?Receive five Blessed Tools.
Pan-Paka-PAAAN! Receive every Blessed Tool.

Collecting every Wonder in the game will be a significant amount of work. Luckily, there is no time limit, as once the story has ended, players are free to play an endless year in the game that continuously cycles through the seasons. This allows you to play the game at your own pace, which is helpful for game mechanics such as hybrids, recipes, and building friendships.

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