All Unique Weapon IDs in Starfield Listed

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Starfield Unique Weapons
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For many, the joy of playing Starfield stems from exploring every nook and cranny. In discovering the numerous side quests, points of interest, and unique weapons to loot. But for others, it’s about obtaining and using power. If you’re the latter, then chances are you’d be happy to learn all about these unique weapon IDs in Starfield. That way, you can spawn the best weapons in the game on PC.

All Unique Weapon IDs in Starfield

These are all of the unique weapons and their subsequent weapon IDs in Starfield, just in case you’d rather use console commands to get ahead of the game. Note that you can only use these on PC.

  • Acid Rain
    • 002E3E85
  • Ambassador
    • 1EE4F
  • Big Bang
    • 0026D963
  • Boom Boom
    • 002E0735
  • Deadeye
    • 001BBF2A
  • Elegance
    • 002E0725
  • Ember
    • 002F99FF
  • Feather
    • 002E82A0
  • Fury
    • 002E0729
  • Hard Target
    • 00546CC
  • Heller’s Cutter
    • 32046A
  • Hunterwulf
    • 002E3E83
  • Keelhauler
    • 8D850
  • Mindtear
    • 002AC049
  • N67 Smartgun
    • 001AC6BB
  • Peacekeeper
    • 1A52E5
  • Pirate Legend
    • 002FAC64
  • Poisonstorm
    • 001AC6B8
  • Power Beat
    • 022A8E1
  • Rapidshot
    • 00162CFA
  • Revenant
    • 00070D40
  • Sir Livingstone’s Pistol
    • 001F27F5
  • The Buzzcut
    • 0020772C
  • The Spacer
    • 001AC6C0
  • The Zapper
    • 002D791

To acquire these weapons and normal items in the game on PC, open the console using the tilde (~) key, then enter ‘player.additem [Item ID]’ to obtain the weapon in question. You’ll simply want to replace [Item ID] with one of the above unique weapon IDs.

How to Get Unique Weapons in Starfield

Starfield Neon Main Street
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There are a number of ways to acquire unique weapons in Starfield. The most common method is via completing side quests scattered about the galaxy. But unfortunately, some unique weapons are locked behind story quests, specific perks, and high price tags.

As you travel through the various star systems in Starfield, you’ll find yourself assaulted by countless summons and hails from nearby ships and colonies seeking help. Don’t be afraid to deviate from your planned route to provide assistance. You might wind up with a unique weapon for your troubles!

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