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All Pokemon Trick or Trade Halloween Cards Listed

BOOster packs are already haunting retailers.

Back in late July, The Pokémon Company announced a sub-set of cards called the Trick or Trade BOOster packs in celebration of Halloween. The seasonal-themed TCG set is set to release on September 1, 2022, but some eager fans and retail workers have already seen the physical booster packs ahead of the official release date. What they found was sent over to PokéBeach, a TCG fan site.

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Trick or Trade has a total of 30 cards, and all of them have been photographed and listed online. Trading Card Game fans can begin looking at the cards they want to collect before they start handing out BOOster packs themselves for Halloween. This guide will outline all 30 cards and the possibility for holo cards in the set.

Every Card Listed in the Pokémon Trick or Trade Halloween Set

All of the cards in the Halloween sub-set are reprints of cards from previous sets. What separates them is the Pumpkin Pikachu stamp at the bottom right of all the artwork. Most of the cards aren’t inherently Halloween-themed, so the stamp is what signifies the set. Below you’ll find all 30 normal cards and all 10 holo pulls.

Trick or Trade BOOster base cards:

  1. Pikachu
  2. Cubone
  3. Zubat
  4. Gastly
  5. Haunter
  6. Gengar
  7. Mewtwo
  8. Spinarak
  9. Ariados
  10. Murkrow
  11. Misdreavus
  12. Mismagius
  13. Duskull
  14. Dusclops
  15. Dusknoir
  16. Darkrai
  17. Litwick
  18. Lampent
  19. Chandelure
  20. Phantump
  21. Trevenant
  22. Pumpkaboo
  23. Gourgeist
  24. Mimikyu
  25. Nickit
  26. Hatenna
  27. Hattrem
  28. Hatterene
  29. Sinistea
  30. Polteageist

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Trick or Trade BOOster Holo cards:

  1. Mimikyu
  2. Gengar
  3. Darkrai
  4. Mewtwo
  5. Chandelure
  6. Trevenant
  7. Mismagius
  8. Dusknoir
  9. Gourgeist
  10. Hatterene

These Pokémon cards can be purchased as Trick or Trade Booster Bundles which cost $14.99 entirely. Each bundle contains 40 small booster packs with 3 cards in a pack. One holo card is guaranteed in a pack of three, so getting the holos you want won’t be difficult. Purchasing just one bundle should be enough to get all 30 base cards at the very least.

And that’s all. For more updates, guides, and news, head over to the dedicated Pokémon TCG section of our site!

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