All Terrain Effects in Fire Emblem Engage Listed

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In a game like Fire Emblem Engage, where the wrong move might mean life or death, tiles can save your life. Or they can be incredibly annoying if an enemy unit takes advantage of them. That’s because they apply terrain effects that can drastically boost (or hinder) stats. Here are all the terrain effects in Fire Emblem Engage.

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All Terrain Effects in Fire Emblem Engage Listed

There are a lot of terrain options in Fire Emblem Engage, and as you go through the game, you’ll likely encounter them all. But the vast majority fall into these categories:

  • impassable barriers
  • breakable barriers
  • barriers only fliers can move across
  • terrain that increases avoid
  • terrain that increases avoid and heals each turn
  • terrain that heals each turn
  • terrain that decreases avoid
  • terrain that negatively impacts allies and positively impacts enemies

Yes! That’s quite a few, isn’t it? And that’s to say nothing of Dragon Vein terrain effects, which will be listed at the bottom.

So, let’s get into it:

All Impassable Barriers Terrain in Fire Emblem Engage

These barriers are here to either briefly protect you or, later into the game, split your team and force you through various terrible choke points. They are:

  • Spirit Statue
  • Alpaca Statue
  • Barricade
  • Wall

All Breakable Barriers in Fire Emblem Engage

These rare tiles usually block you off from treasure or, occasionally, the next section of enemies you will have to bludgeon. They are:

  • Crystal
  • Hay
  • Snowman
  • Rickety Wall

All Barriers only Flying Units Can Move Through

Flying units have frequently been the kings and queens of Fire Emblem. And while tome-users and archers might have stolen that title for Fire Emblem Engage, fliers are still extremely useful. They’re capable of passing over the following terrain:

  • Crates
  • Well
  • Wagon
  • Shrubbery

All Placed Terrain that Increases Avoid

These terrain blocks are excellent for Covert units as they double-avoid bonuses! So, if you have a Thief or a Bow-user on your team, sit their butt right here and let them shank or shoot anyone who wanders too close.

  • Ruins – Avo +30
  • Arches – Avo +30
  • Cacti – Avo +30
  • Pillars – Avo +30

All Placed Terrain that Increases Avoid and Heals Each Turn

These are the rarest terrain tiles, and you can bet you’ll find them at the end of the map, where the boss of that chapter is gleefully waiting for you. The best way to utilize it is to knock off one of the boss’s goons and take their place on one of these panels. If they’re going to heal, why shouldn’t you?

There is only one terrain that offers both avoid and heal:

  • Protection Tile – Avo +30, Heal/Turn +10

All Terrain That Heals Each Turn

These are actually rather rare, featuring most prominently in the Solm Castle chapter or in training skirmishes there. They’re a good place to stop and rest a weary unit (there will only be three max at any given time) before progressing through the bottleneck and into the boss segment.

There is only one terrain that heals:

  • Heal Tile – Heal/Turn +10

All Terrain That Decreases Avoid

I have never once seen this terrain work in the Divine Dragon’s favor. Rather, it’s almost always used as an annoying forced bottleneck in large maps. If you can, lure your enemies onto one of these ice patches or only place a tankier unit on it.

  • Ice – Avo -30
  • Pool – Avo -30
  • Pile of Gold – Avo -30
  • Sand – Avo -30

All Terrain That Hinders Allies and Helps Enemies

One of the first negative terrain effects you’ll encounter in the game is in Chapter 16, when you first meet Seadall. Fortunately, they can be destroyed by using Emblem Ring Corrin’s Dragon Vein ability.

There is only one terrain effect that hinders allies and helps enemies:

  • Miasma – Ally Def/Res – 20, Foe Def/Res +20

All Dragon Vein Terrain Effects in Fire Emblem Engage

Emblem Ring Corrin offers one of the more unique Engage Skills in Dragon Vein. This ability is influenced by the class equipped with her ring. Here are all the Terrain Effects Dragon Vein can create:

  • Vein of Stone (Backup) – Creates stone pillars that increases Def/Res (Def +3, Res +3)
  • Vein of Water (Calvary) – Creates water that decreases Avo (Avo -30)
  • Vein of Fog (Covert) – Creates fog that increase Avo (Avo +30)
  • Vein of Vines (Armored) – Creates vines that grant immunity to break (Unbreakable)
  • Vein of Succor (Flying) – Creates a healing glow that restores HP (Heal/Turn +10)
  • Vein of Flame (Mystical) – Creates flames that inflict damage (Damage/Turn -10)
  • Vein of Ice (Qi Adept) – Creates ice pillars that hinder movement (Destructible)

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I can’t begin to stress how often Dragon Vein saved a squad cut off from the rest of the army in the later chapters. Vein of Ice comes in surprisingly clutch, making Corrin an ideal ring for Veyle, as she can use whatever terrain effect she pleases whenever she likes. It means you’ll occasionally do less damage, but if Seadall is with her, she takes no penalties whatsoever. And Vein of Succor offers the easiest area of effect heal in the game, essentially playing as if each unit drank a Vulnerary.

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