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Temp V Warzone 2
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We can’t all be lucky enough to have Compound V pumped into us for some incredible superpowers, but at least the option for Temp V still exists, and that modified version of the compound has made its way to Warzone 2. Now we can start using Field Upgrade powers in Season 4 Reloaded, and I have the full list for you in this guide.

Warzone 2 Season 4 – All Temp V Field Upgrades

There are four Temp V upgrades that you can find around the map in Warzone 2. Each one grants players a powerful ability from The Boys, such as the laser vision that Homelander uses. Below you can find all four Field Upgrades for The Boys crossover with their descriptions.

Warzone 2 Temp V Field Upgrades:

  • Charge Jump – This ability is based on Queen Maeve and provides a massive leap. During the leap, there is no fall damage to worry about, and the landing can cause some deadly splash damage to surrounding enemies.
  • Laser Vision – Homelander channels himself in this upgrade. As the name suggests, activating the Laser Vision causes your character to shoot deadly beams that you can aim for a few seconds at a time. Your character won’t be able to move though.
  • Teleport – The Teleport is the most boring of all four Temp V Field Upgrades, but it might just be the best. Activating the Teleport simply transports you to the sky instantly for great mobility or escapes.
  • Electric Shockwave – Using this ability is like using a massive EMP. The Electric Shockwave causes massive damage in a controlled area.

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Every map in Warzone 2 Season 4 Reloaded will have the potential for Temp V Field Upgrades as loot. They even exist in the COD DMZ mode, but they are far more scarce so that players aren’t spamming laser vision all over the place.

Along with the Temp V Field Upgrades, you can get a few Operator skins from The Boys in Warzone 2 as well.

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