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Every spaceship manufacturer worth your time and credits!

Starfield Taiyo Astroneering
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One of the most thrilling aspects of Starfield is constructing a ship out of parts you’ve purchased throughout a playthrough. It’s your ship, made by your hand, and it all starts by learning all the starship manufacturers in Starfield.

Every Starship Manufacturer in Starfield

There are 19 ship manufacturers in Starfield, each specializing in something different, like reactors, ballistic weapons, fuel tanks, energy weapons, shields, and more. You’ll likely want to mix and match parts to build your dream ship in the game. But hey, no one is stopping you from constructing a horror that doesn’t match.

The starship manufacturers you’ll find in-game include:

  • Amun Dunn
  • Ballistic Solutions Inc.
  • Deep Core
  • Deimos
  • Dogstar
  • HopeTech
  • Horizon Defense
  • Light Scythe
  • Nautilus
  • Panoptes
  • Nova Galactic
  • Protectorate Systems
  • Reladyne
  • Sextant Shield Systems
  • Shinigami
  • Slayton Aerospace
  • Stroud-Eklund
  • Taiyo Astroneering
  • Xiang

A few of these manufacturers own staryards/shipyards, which you’ll discover when jumping into various systems. To give you a helping hand, here are the ones we know about:

  • Deimos: Deimos Staryard, Deimos, Sol Star System
  • HopeTech: Hopetown Shipyard, Polvo, Valo Star System
  • Stroud-Eklund: Stroud-Eklund Showroom, Neon, Volii Alpha, Volii Star System
  • Stroud-Eklund: Stroud-Eklund Staryard, Dalvik, Narion Star System
  • Taiyo Astroneering: Tayo Astroneering Showroom, Neon, Volii Alpha, Volii Star System

The Best Ship Manufacturers in Starfield

While the “best” starship manufacturers in Starfield come down to personal preference, based on your play style and character build, we recommend a few above all others. They include:

  • Ballistic Solutions: This manufacturer specializes in high-end ballistic weaponry and sizable fuel tanks for long-range jumps.
  • HopeTech: An all-around top-tier ship manufacturer that doesn’t specialize in any specific category but does excel in most.
  • Protectorate Systems: If you wish to haul and sell cargo across the Settled Systems, these cargo holds prove most effective.
  • Stroud-Eklund: They specialize in aesthetically pleasing habs that make you feel at home while on your starship.
  • Taiyo Astroneering: The premier cockpit and hab developer in the Settled Systems, in direct competition with HopeTech and Stroud-Eklund.

If you want a high-end spacesuit to go with your new starship, we recommend the free and exceptionally strong Mantis Spacesuit.

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