All Starborn Powers in Starfield

Become the most powerful being in the galaxy!

Starfield The Artifact at Constellation Lodge
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Did anyone genuinely believe that the studio behind The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim would not figure out some way to include magic in space? Starfield features a slew of Starborn Powers, which are essentially magical abilities granted by The Artifact. The more powerful you become, the better powers you can utilize in combat and exploration. Here are all of the Starborn Powers in Starfield!

Every Starborn Power in Starfield

I have to be completely honest, the way in which you acquire Starborn Powers in Starfield is a rather annoying game mechanic. It was interesting the first time around, but floating through a small room to collect magical bubbles grew old fast. But I digress. The ability to use space magic is rather fun and entertaining, as it shakes up combat encounters significantly. And some of these powers are absolutely devastating!

Starborn PowerTempleDescription
Alien ReanimationTemple PhiResurrect a nearby dead alien to fight on your behalf.
Anti-Gravity FieldTemple EtaCreate a force field that paralyzes enemies.
Create VacuumTemple GammaPrevent enemies from breathing.
Creators’ PeaceTemple NoPrevent enemies from fighting temporarily.
EarthboundTemple EpsilonRecreate the Earth’s gravity field.
Elemental PullTemple PsiGather every nearby resource.
Eternal HarvestTemple LamdaInstantly gather all nearby flora.
Grav DashTemple ZetaAllows you to dash forward and increase damage output.
Gravity WaveTemple BetaSend out a shockwave that knocks down enemies.
Gravity WellTemple DeltaPulls in all nearby enemies and crushes them with gravitational force.
Inner DemonTemple UpsilonCreate a copy of yourself to distract enemies.
Life ForcedTemple PiDrain enemies’ health points and heal yourself.
Moon FormTemple RhoIncreases resistance to all damage types.
Parallel SelfTemple SigmaSummon a copy of yourself to fight by your side.
Particle BeamTemple OmegaFire a massive beam of energy.
Personal AtmosphereTemple AlphaProvides unlimited oxygen for a short period.
Phased TimeBuried TempleSlow down the world around you.
PrecognitionTemple IotaPeek into the future to see dialogue and action choices.
Reactive ShieldTemple TauBoost resistance for a short time and deflect ranged attacks.
Sense Star StuffTemple ChiDetect nearby life.
Solar FlareTemple ThetaDeploy a solar flare to ignite enemies.
Sunless SpaceTemple KappaRelease a ball of frozen energy to freeze enemies.
SupernovaTemple XiUnleash a supernova explosion to deal instant damage.
Void FormTemple OmicronTurn invisible for a short period.

We highly recommend tracking down Supernova, Phased Time, Particle Beam, and Inner Demon, as they are some of the most effective and incredible powers in the game.

If you’re using Starborn Powers, then you need a Starborn Suit. Trust in Prima Games to help you find both!

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