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All Skins Available in the Valorant ‘Run It Back’ Bundle

Skins get the wins, after all.

by Matt Vatankhah

Riot Games’ competitive first-person shooter Valorant has introduced its third iteration of the ‘Run It Back’ skin collection. From July 27 until August 10, players have the chance to grab up to five different skins from collections they may have missed in the past two years. This time around, there’s a weapon type that fits a range of scenarios, offering players the chance to swing corners and snipe their opponents in style. Here are all the skins available in the Valorant Run It Back bundle.

Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Classic

Screenshot by Prima Games

That’s a mouthful. The Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Classic, or G.U.N for short, sports a retro sci-fi aesthetic that will have you zapping the enemies into oblivion. What’s the most important skin of your collection if not the one you’re guaranteed to start with? The G.U.N Classic can be upgraded for better visual and sound effects and four alternate color schemes.

Radiant Crisis 001 Bucky

Screenshot by Prima Games

Turn the pages of your matches with the comic book-inspired Radiant Crisis 001 Bucky pump shotgun. Beautiful, stylized, and very wacky. The Radiant Crisis 001 Bucky can be upgraded for charming visual effects and an absolutely outrageous finisher animation that will send your enemies soaring — literally.

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Ion Phantom

Screenshot by Prima Games

Undeniably a crowd favorite. The sleek and satisfying Ion Phantom gives one of Valorant’s most popular weapons an energy-filled facelift. With options to upgrade visual and sound effects, equip and reload animations, and a short-but-sweet finisher, the Ion is a must-have for Phantom enthusiasts. We’re positive that your opponents’ score will be negative.

Magepunk Operator

Screenshot by Prima Games

Lightning-infused, coated in copper, and the power to secure the pick with one click. The Magepunk Operator gives everyone’s favorite sniper rifle a look that’s bound to please any steampunk enjoyer. With visual and sound effect upgrades, extra animations, four different color schemes, and a finisher that’s simply shocking, you can clutch those intense rounds with the Magepunk Operator.

Ego Stinger

Screenshot by Prima Games

Not the most exciting way to finish off the bundle. The Ego Stinger doesn’t offer any visual upgrades or animations but does include four different color schemes to unlock, each one altering the colors as well as the language displayed on the side of the weapon. You probably won’t be using this one too often, but at least you’ll look good during those save rounds.

Source: Riot Games

Run It Back Collection

The Run It Back collection is available for purchase until August 10 for 5,950 Valorant Points, or roughly $60.00 USD. Buying the collection saves you a total of 2,925 Valorant points, however, each individual skin can be purchased separately for 1,775 Valorant points, or roughly $18.00 USD.

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