All Silent Chest Locations in Diablo 4

They glow bright if you can find them.

Diablo 4 Silent Chest Locations
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Silent Chests offer Diablo 4 players another quick way to earn loot, but these special chests will randomly appear around the map. Those looking to quickly find one to complete the Season 2 Journey challenge to open one up can use some of these spots in this guide.

Diablo 4 Silent Chest Locations

At least seven known spots within Sanctuary exist where Silent Chests can spawn. It is important to note that these glowing chests with chains around them may not actually spawn when visiting any of these locations. The chests appear randomly in each play session, but these specific locations could contain a chest.

Players seeking out Silent Chests should also have a Whispering Key in their inventory or stash to open them up. Whispering Keys can be bought from the Purveyor of Curiosities vendor from big cities for 20 Murmuring Obols.

Fractured Peaks

Four spots are in the starting area of Fractured Peaks, and most are relatively near fast-travel waypoints. The Desolate Highlands chest is near the Nevesk waypoint, while players can use either the Kyovashad or Bear Tribe Refuge waypoints to get to the Frigid Expanse chest.

There are two Silent Chests in the Gale Valley region by the Yelesna waypoint. One is a short ride north of the waypoint, while the other is directly east.


There are two known Silent Chests in this region. The Caldeum chest is located on the winding streets south of the Imperial Library waypoint, while the Scouring Sands chest is north of the Tarsarak waypoint.


One known Silent Chest location in Hawezar is south of the Ruins of Rakhat Keep: Inner Court waypoint in the Fethis Wetlands area.

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