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All Side Missions in Dead Space Remake Listed

Sometimes, it's nice to have a reprieve from hunting down your lost girlfriend.

by Shawn Robinson

Dead Space Remake has a lengthy main mission for you to work through, but new to the remake, there are now side missions you can also complete for interesting and useful rewards. While these mostly keep on the same path as the main story, there’s several times where you’ll get to revisit past areas and see them changed by the Intensity Director. As such, you might be wondering just how many side missions you can do in the game. Here are all side missions in Dead Space Remake, listed.

Every Side Mission You Can Complete in Dead Space Remake

In total, there are three side missions you can complete in different parts of the Ishimura. The side missions are as follows:

  • Premeditated Malpractice: Discover what Dr. Mercer has done with a patient aboard the Ishimura.
  • Scientific Methods: Investigate Nicole’s discoveries regarding the outbreak on Aegis VII.
  • You Are Not Authorised: Locate various dead crew member’s RIGs to unlock a terminal.

All three of these side missions span across the majority of Dead Space Remake, rather than conventional side missions where you spend 30 minutes or so in them and forget about them afterward. While that might sound less enjoyable, they’re both avoidable and add something lore-wise that wasn’t present in the original. We would explain what sort of lore revelations come as part of some of these side missions, though we’d rather not delve into spoilers and let you experience them.

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As for what you get from completing them, rewards can have some major implications on gameplay. Again, we aren’t going to go into spoiler territory, but completing Premeditated Malpractice upgrades one of Isaac’s tools more than you might initially be led to believe. That’s not to discredit the rewards of either of the other side missions though.

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