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All Seven Secret Chests in the Vexcalibur Exotic Mission node.ovrd.Avalon in Destiny 2 (Week 3)

We can finally get all the chests in Vexcalibur!

What is a Seasonal Exotic Mission without secrets and chests that are slowly drip fed to us? Here are all secret chests in the Vexcalibur Exotic Missoin node.ovrd.Avalon in Destiny 2 (week 3).

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All Seven Secret Chests in the Vexcalibur Exotic Mission node.ovrd.Avalon in Destiny 2 (Week 3)

Now that we have Vexcalibur, multiple secret chests are now available to us. More will become accessible over time, but as of March 15, 2023 / the Third Week of Defiance, these are the four we can access.

Secret Chest 1

At the start of the Vexcalibur mission, crouch through the first door and immediately turn around. You’ll see in the top left a green symbol. Using the platform on the wall to your right, jump up to it. You’ll get the notification that substrate authorization fragmentation is nullified.

Continue as normal, heading towards the Vex River. Take the path left, and you’ll see right before the door to the slide that there’s a new barrier near the top of the ceiling. You’ll need Vexcalibur equipped to bypass this barrier.

Hold the charge button to use it to pass through.

This will spawn a chest right beside you which will immediately open. You’ll get 2,500 Glimmer, M1R Distribution Matrix II, and the Data Retrieval: Substrate Triumph.

Secret Chest 2

Continue the slide down into the next section as normal but stop once you get to the bottom of it. Do not jump into the ring that will take you to the next part of the mission.

At the bottom of the slide, look up. There will be a platform. Jump up to it, then interact with the neon symbol.

The other symbol we’ll need to find is actually on the opposite side of the wall. So, jump down and continue into the room where the ring is, as well as the Hobgoblin behind a barrier. Jump to the Hobgoblin’s platform, then turn around. Near the ceiling will be another platform and another artifact to interact with.

Secret Chest 3

The next chest will be accessible after you’ve done the first section’s puzzle and beaten back the Vex hoard. You’ll see the following sight.

Climb on top of the giant blue rectangle. In the middle of it there will be a crevice with another green sigil. Interact with it. Return to the top of the blue rectangle and you’ll see that another place to input a code will appear. To get the code, we’ll need to jump our way to the top of the adjacent building, then jump into a nook.

From this nook, we’ll be able to see the access code.

Input it, and the chest will open up beside you.

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Secret Chest 4

After you’ve passed or obtained Chest 3, you’ll climb up the Vex waterfall and enter a triangular tunnel.

Don’t leave this tunnel just yet! Go to its end, then turn right. You’ll see a platform extending to the right. Equip Vexcalibur (it’s okay if you don’t have special ammo for it), then follow the platform right.

You’ll encounter a Vex barrier which you can bypass using Vexcalibur’s charge attack. Inside this barrier will be a sphere. Take the sphere and leave the barrier. Return to the triangular tunnel.

Our goal is to get down the stairs that periodically vanish, where we’ll deposit the orb in a newly spawned console.

Once that’s done, a chest will spawn along with a portal. The portal will take you to the next encounter, allowing you to skip the annoying slanted hall that you’d otherwise have to navigate.

Secret Chest 5

Once you’ve beaten the Hydra in the gambit-style boss battle, you’ll drop into a new area. Just past the Wyvern you’ll see the following sight.

What you’ll need to do is go through the hall (which has portions of wall that move in and out). Once you reach the end of the hall, turn right and you’ll see a green artifact.

Interact with it, then turn right back around and go back down the hall. Yes, we’ll need to backtrack a little.

Once you get to the end of the hall, make sure you have Vexcalibur equipped. There will be a Vex barrier containing some quarantined specimens. You’ll be able to bypass through the wall, but you’ll need special ammo to shoot the shape within the left chamber.

If you don’t have special ammo, jump back and forth between the two adjacent platforms. A singular Goblin will spawn beside the quarantined Vex. It might take a while, so, if necessary, to give it space to spawn. This Goblin will drop special ammo guaranteed.

Once you shoot the shape, a chest will eventually spawn within the Vex cage.

Secret Chest 6

The next chest happens very quickly. Be on the lookout for this sphere you’ll need to jump on to reach the next stage.

Take the jump, but don’t go down the stairs yet. We’ll need to hit three shapes. The first shape will be above your head.

The second shape will be to your right, just below the edge of the platform you’re on.

The final shape will require you to jump down the first step. But don’t go any farther. Look up, and there will be a ledge you can jump to.

Image by YouTuber 360GameTV

Do so, and there will be another shape right above you. Once you shoot it, the chest will spawn.

Secret Chest 7

The last chest requires you to defeat Brakion himself. Once you do, a chest will spawn in front of Asher Mir in the Vex milk waterfall. DO NOT OPEN THE CHEST.

There are three secret Vex barrier chambers located beneath each of the Vex waterfalls.

The two easiest Vex barriers to find are the Vex barriers beneath the waterfalls that Asher Mir is not in. Look carefully around the edges to find a ledge, then work your way down. You’ll need Vexcalibur equipped and you will need special ammo. If you don’t have special ammo, there will be some on the way down to the Vex barrier.

Enter the Vex barrier using Vexcalibur’s charge move. In one instance, it will seem like you’ll fall through the floor. But you won’t! The Vex barrier will keep you from plummeting to your death. Shoot the shape within each barrier.

The final Vex barrier is to the right of the Vex waterfall that Asher Mir is in. There is no ledge, you have to drop and try to land on it. Dying has no consequence, except a five second respawn timer.

Once you shoot the final shape, jump back up to the main platform. A portal will have spawned. You can now open the chest in front of Asher Mir with no consequence. Go through the portal and claim the final chest.

And that’s it! All seven secret chests for the Vexcalibur Exotic Mission node.ovrd.Avalon. You get treated to a pretty cool sight plus a lot of triumphs. While you’re on a roll, check out how to get another Exotic Glaive here: How to Get Winterbite in Destiny 2.

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