All Secret Cave Locations in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1

More loot than you can shake a ballistic shield at

Who doesn’t love a secret cave full of loot? Here are all the Fortnite Chapter 5 secret cave locations.

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All Secret Cave Locations in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1

These 10 secret vaults, scattered across the map, are packed with epic loot but guarded by formidable bosses. Brave players can unlock these vaults to discover rare weapons, healing items, and valuable rewards. Epic loot awaits those who dare to conquer the challenge!

There’s nothing better than popping open a golden chest. And secret loot caves offer no shortage of chests to pop. Here are the secret locations in Fortnite Chapter 5.

Lavish Lair Vault

Venture into Lavish Lair to discover the first secret cave location vault – explore the basement through the northside entrance and unlock it with Oscar’s Medallion obtained from defeating guarding Oscar.

Classy Courts Outpost

Journey northeast to Classy Courts Outpost for another locked bunker, accessible with the Comms Keycard from the Legion Heavy Elite boss.

Grand Glacier

Walk the shore and you should see a large stone karst jutting from the sea. Immediately across from this rock pillar, in the face of the mountain, will be the entrance to the cave.

The cave requires that you crouch and destroy at least one chest that blocks your way. You’ll eventually hit a rock wall in the water. You must break your way through the rock wall in order to enter the large chamber which contains the most loot. These rocks are pretty resilient, with 900 HP. However, be mindful of the Storm.

If you’re playing No Build, there’s only one way to get out of this chamber. And that’s the way you came. If you’re playing on build mode, you can technically create stairs which can help you escape through the hole in the chamber’s ceiling. But the hole is very high and there are limited trees in the chamber.

Reckless Railways

At Reckless Railways, explore the southernmost building’s basement to locate a vault. Unlock it using Valeria’s Medallion, acquired by defeating Valeria herself.

Hazy Hillside

Head into Hazy Hillside’s eastern building basement for the next vault, unlocked with the Mountain Keycard dropped by a Legion Heavy Elite.

Hazy Hillside Mansion

Southwest of Hazy Hillside, find a vault hidden in a mansion’s basement. Use the Mansion Keycard, obtained from the patrolling Legion Heavy Elite.

Fencing Fields

Explore the basement of Fencing Fields for another vault, unlocked by Nisha’s Medallion from defeating Nisha.

Snooty Steppes

In Snooty Steppes, discover a sealed-off vault in the basement. Unlock it with Gold Peter Griffin’s Medallion, earned by defeating Golden Peter Griffin.

The Society Yacht

Below the deck of The Society Yacht northwest of Pleasant Plaza, locate a vault and unlock it with the Yacht Keycard from a Legion Heavy Elite.

Ritzy Riviera

Head south to Ritzy Riviera for a vault in a sealed-off building basement. Access it using the Marina Keycard, acquired from defeating the patrolling Legion Heavy Elite.

In total, there are 10 golden chests to open, and plenty of mushrooms and other fruits. If you feel confident in the Storm’s positioning, this is a great place to gear up or even wait until the final ring, if you want a very passive game of Fortnite. Just be sure you have enough logs to get out.

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