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All S Rank Requirements in Resident Evil 4 Remake

The time requirements can be rather evil for casual players.

by Shawn Robinson
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Resident Evil 4 Remake, like some Resident Evil games before it, offers you a score based on how well you performed throughout the game. This is done through the iconic letter grading system, ranging from B rank all the way to S rank (and a bonus one we’ll touch on in a moment). How you acquire these ranks may be a little bit confusing, though. Here are all the S rank requirements in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Every S Rank Requirement in Resident Evil 4 Remake

To achieve an S rank in Resident Evil 4 Remake, you must complete the full game within a certain time limit. This time changes depending on what difficulty you’re playing at, with the bonus Professional difficulty being the hardest of all. You can also acquire an S+ rank at any of these difficulties. To do so, you’ll need to complete the game at any of these below times without playing on New Game Plus. For the S rank itself, the time requirements are as follows:

  • Assisted: 04:00:00
  • Standard: 05:00:00
  • Hardcore: 05:30:00
  • Professional: 05:30:00

When it comes to Professional difficulty, there is a secret requirement to get the coveted S+ rank. To do so, you must not only complete the game in under five and a half hours, but you must also do so while saving no more than 15 times. Saving once more will forfeit the S+ rank, so choose those saves carefully. The rewards can be more than worth it though, with the Cat Ears being a particular standout. Not only do they make Leon look silly as hell, but you’ll get infinite ammo while wearing them as well. What more could you want?

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While the requirements for S rank are a tad strange compared to other games, getting it in Resident Evil 4 Remake should feel rewarding with how challenging it can be. There’s no time to waste time, so get in there and get speedrunning. While you’re working through it, here’s our guide on the Rocket Launcher’s value and whether you should pick it up on your run.

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