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Fortnite Rubber Duckies – All Rubber Ducky Locations

by Larryn Bell

One of the Fortnite Season 4 challenges for Week 3 requires players to search for Rubber Duckies scattered throughout the map in Fortnite Battle Royale. This challenge is similar to the gnome challenge from last season, only this time you’re looking for yellow Rubber Duckies. This task may seem tedious at first, but it shouldn’t take long to collect all the Rubber Duckies you need if you know where to look. Below, we’ve listed every Rubber Ducky location we’ve found in Fortnite to help you quickly complete the Week 3 Rubber Duckies challenge.

All Rubber Ducky Locations in Fortnite

In order to complete the “Search for Rubber Duckies” challenge in Fortnite, players must collect 10 Rubber Duckies that are strewn across the map. When you get close to a Rubber Ducky, you will hear a subtle quacking sound. Most of the Rubber Duckies are typically found within bodies of water (or where water should be, like an empty pool), which should help narrow down the search. Here’s every Rubber Ducky in Fortnite that we were able to find:

  1. Search the edge of the small pond on the south side of Fatal Fields.
  2. Break the pipe in the brick square south of Greasy Grove to find a Rubber Duck.
  3. At Loot Lake, there is a Rubber Duck tucked behind a canoe at the dock to the north.
  4. Travel north of the “L” in Lonely Lodge and search in shallow water at the base of a cliff.
  5. Find a Rubber Duck in the shallow stream beneath the bridge north of Lucky Landing.
  6. From the bridge, follow the stream south past Lucky Landing. There is a Rubber Duck at the base of the waterfall.
  7. Search the showers in the indoor soccer field west of Tilted Towers.
  8. Find a Rubber Duck in the empty pool at one of the houses in Snobby Shores.
  9. Search the marsh directly south of the prison on the southwest side of Moisty Mire, near the edge of the map beneath the wooden crab.
  10. There are two Rubber Duckies in Retail Row: one in the bathtub in the house to the west, and one sitting outside a chain link metal fence behind a pipe to the east.

Rubber Duckies Fortnite

It’s worth noting that while there may be more Rubber Duckies than what we have listed here, you only need to find ten of them to complete this challenge. Be sure to finish the match normally as you collect Rubber Duckies in Fortnite, otherwise the ducks won’t count toward your challenge progress. 

Once you finish searching for Rubber Duckies in Fortnite, you will earn five Battle Stars to rank up your Battle Pass, which will help you eventually earn the coveted Omega skin outfit at Tier 100. 

Make sure to finish up the Week 3 treasure hunt as well, since it’s worth a whopping 10 Battle Stars. Follow our Salty Springs treasure map guide to quickly mark off another Season 4 challenge in Fortnite.

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