All Royal Winter Star Path Duties in Disney Dreamlight Valley

It's time to cook, clean, and fish your way into Royal Winter Token riches

Disney Dreamlight Valley Jack Skellington
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If you want to collect Royal Winter Tokens, you’ll need to put in the work. Here’s all the Royal Winter Star Path Duties in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Every Royal Winter Star Path Duty in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Who doesn’t love a little spookiness in their winter festivities? The Pumpkin King Returns, and with him has come a slew of new content, including quite a few duties that we’ll need to tackle. Here’s all the Royal Winter Star Path Duties that we’ve unlocked so far in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Royal Winter Star Path DutiesHow to CompleteRewards
Do some magical weed removal.Clear 30 Night Thorns.10 Royal Winter tokens
Go fish!Catch 30 fish.10 Royal Winter Tokens
Finish some royal work.Complete 10 Dreamlight Duties.10 Royal Winter Tokens
Spend time with a magical mentor.Spent at least 15 minutes with Merlin.10 Royal Winter Tokens
Give a villager something they love.Gift any villagers four favorite items of the day.20 Royal Winter Tokens
Build stuff!Craft any five items at a crafting station.15 Royal Winter Tokens
Go Mine.Mine 30 rock spots around the valley.10 Royal Winter Tokens
Harvest some red bush berries.Pick 50 raspberries.10 Royal Winter Tokens
Cook some one-ingredient meals.Cook 10 one-star dishes.10 Royal Winter Tokens
Make small talk with your villagers.Have two daily discussions with any villagers.20 Royal Winter Tokens
Eat some fairly simple meals.Eat 15 two-star or three-star meals.10 Royal Winter tokens
Fish for a “deeply musical” fish.Catch 10 bass.10 Royal Winter tokens
Spend time with a Silly Stall Owner.Spend at least 15 minutes with Goofy.10 Royal Winter Tokens
Delight a robot with his favorite gifts.Give WALL-E his favorite gifts.  10 Royal Winter Tokens

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