All Romanceable Characters in Coral Island, Listed

28 eligible bachelors, bachelorettes, and fish people

What’s an island paradise without a beau to enjoy it with? Here are all the romanceable characters in Coral Island, listed.

All Marriage Candidates in Coral Island: Romance Characters Listed

The idyllic shores of Coral Island offer everything you could ever want: a sense of purpose, a chance to swim with mermen, the ability to befriend a cute Shiba Inu named Taco. But what makes Coral Island perfect is the twenty-eight eligible bachelors and bachelorettes you can date, marry, and even have children with, no matter your orientation. Here are all the marriage candidates in Coral Island.

All Male Romance Options for Coral Island


“Ben has an extensive collection of healing crystals. He loves road trips, and he splurges by spending his money on music festivals.”

Ben is a merchant and nomad who lives in a caravan stationed in the forests of Coral Island. If you find him on the weekends, you can purchase an assortment of items from him, including crystals. Ben is dreamy and mystical, often skewing philosophical. But he adores road trips and music festivals when he’s not contemplating the universe and his place in it.


“Charles is a local doctor. He uses his free time to catch up with the islanders at the tavern and sometimes just goes around giving out medical advice.”

Charles is one of the two town doctors, but despite his compassion, bad luck seems to follow him around. His parents disowned him at a young age and caught his fiance cheating on him before they were married. He spends his free time with his roommate Scott and in the local tavern, trying to heal his broken heart.


“Kenny has lived on Coral Island his whole life and has fostered close relationships with other islanders, people, animals, trees, spirits from beyond – all of them.

Kenny is a part-time rancher who lives with his parents in a cabin in the forest. He adores animals, and after a long day at the ranch, he heads out to the local tavern or blacksmith shop to catch up with his friends. In his free time he enjoy spending time by the lake or playing his flute.


“Luke runs Socket & Pan Electronics and his family business, Hillside Manor and Vineyard. He’s known for being a foodie and for his tendency to overthink things.”

Luke was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has been determined to spit it out ever since. He now runs Socket Electronics, determined to show that he can make his own way in the world without support from his parents. Luke loves his dog, Taco, and there’s no doubt that you’ll love Taco too.


“Noah spends his days keeping Fishensips running. On the rare occasions that he’s free, he enjoys long walks with his mother, Betty, and discussing theories about unexplained phenomena with his close friend, Alice.

Noah is your quintessential family man. He’s devoted to his loved ones and does his best to ensure his mother is happy and comfortable. But he’s not just dedicated to his family. Noah is a bachelor who genuinely cares. Unfortunately, he’s a busy guy, so when he’s now caring for his mother, he’s running errands for his family business. But as you get to know him, he’ll make sure there’s time in his life for you, too.


“Pablo is a local blacksmith. He’s well loved, charismatic, and a flirt. He can be found at Fishensips in the evenings, playing pool with his friends.”

Pablo is the local flirt and blacksmith. He’s gregarious and romantic, often showering others with compliments and flattery. But beneath the saccharine surface is a man who genuinely cares about Coral Island. At any volunteer event, Pablo is there, helping however he can.


“Raj is a coffee connoisseur who owns a small outdoor coffee café in Starlet Town. They live at the inn.

Raj is really into coffee. So, it only makes sense that he runs the coffee shop in Starlet Town. Like many other shop owners in town, Raj is worried about how slow business is. As you get to know him, you can push him to find confidence in his coffee venture.


“Rafael is a local blacksmith. He’s reserved and prefers silence, something that he considers a perk of his line of work.”

Rafael runs the local blacksmith shop with his brother Pablo. But unlike his brother, Pablo is a gentle and reserved giant. He rarely leaves Garden Lane, preferring his solitude and silence. But despite his quiet nature, Rafael is friendly and polite and worth getting to know.


“Scott is always up for fun, and he’s never a bore. He found a passion for artifacts and has dedicated his life to preserving them.”

Scott is a reformed playboy who moved to Coral Island to leave his string of heartbreaks behind. On Coral Island, he’s found his passion for collecting artifacts and is happy to share his discoveries with anyone he meets. He’s a genuinely friendly and outgoing guy and, as shown later in the game, extremely generous.


“Surya is marine biologist who works at the laboratory on the weekdays. He spends his free time hanging out with his friends.”

Surya is a marine biologist new to Coral Island who lives with his uncle and aunt on the Hillside. He tends to stay in his lab, working on projects, but you can find him in the vineyards or relaxing on the beach in his free time.


“Theo is a local fisherman who spends most of his days fishing or playing guitar. On the weekends, he performs at Fishensips to make a quick buck.”

Theo is a local fisherman, but at his core, he’s a creative. He adores writing songs and singing. And while the general consensus is that Theo doesn’t have a traditionally beautiful singing voice, he sings with his soul, and that’s what’s most important. He can be found performing in the tavern on weekends. He always enjoys a good cookout, festival, and any opportunity to go camping.


“Mark is a member of B.O.S., an international group for hunters. He volunteers at the animal shelter in his free time.

Mark is a bear of a man, so it only makes sense that he lives by the Woodlands near the Lake. You’re likely first to encounter him when he clears out the first level of the Caverns early in the game. During that encounter, Mark is brisk, if not outright rude. But he does have a tender spot for animals.


“Wakuu is an astronomer. During the week, he works and lives at the observatory. He spends the weekends at the lighthouse, where his dad lives.”

When you first meet Wakuu, his flat affect might make you think he’s cold. But as you get to the astronomer, he becomes much more open and friendly, inviting you to play pool or visit. He enjoys stargazing and wasabi, and if you truly get to know him, he’ll even open up about his feelings with his father.


“The lead guard. His unwavering dedication to keeping the realm safe is matched only by his unwavering loyalty and sense of duty. Has a pet lobster, Poseidon.”

In a Dev Update posted on June 2023, Semeru was confirmed to be a romanceable character. Semeru is a guard of the Mermaid Kingdom who takes his duty very seriously. We’ll update as we learn more.

All Female Romance Options for Coral Island


“The eldest sibling, Aaliyah was the queen of pranks growing up. She’s now in the air force, training to be an astronaut.”

Aaliyah has recently returned to Coral Island after a stint in the Air Force. Now, she lives with her mother, Betty, and her younger brother, Noah, above Fishensips. She’s hardworking, often helping out in the tavern. But she dreams about returning to the skies and becoming an astronaut, much to her mother’s chagrin.


“Alice runs the family inn with her twin sister, Suki. She likes discussing unexplained phenomena, which she studied a little back in university.”

Alice runs the Coral Inn with her twin sister Suki, though their relationship can sometimes be tense. However, you’ll only find her at the inn when she’s working or if it’s a rainy day. Otherwise, she prefers to spend time at the Community Center, where she loves to read or engage in long discussions about unexplained phenomena—aliens, in particular.


“Chaem is an athlete in training who dreams of entering a national volleyball competition one day. She works part time as a lifeguard.

Chaem is exceptionally straightforward, sometimes bordering on rude. But as you get to know her, you’ll learn that she’s a dedicated lifeguard and athlete who adores the outdoors and staying active. She lives with Wakuu at the observatory and is the best player on the volleyball team.


“Eva is a talented baker who enjoys talking to the islanders – locals, newcomers, visitors, everybody – and she has many good friends.

Eva works at the general store and immediately endears with her optimistic and bubbly personality. She’s creative and talented, and she makes it her goal to befriend everyone she encounters. But she wants nothing more than to see the world. Maybe with a potential farmer at her side?


“Leah is a self-employed yoga instructor at the community center. She lives in an old mansion with her dad, Randy, and stepmother, Ling.”

Leah is a self-styled yoga instructor and influencer who lives in a house that the locals have dubbed The Mansion. Often seen with a camera in hand, Leah finds comfort in nature, fine art, and a closet full of designer clothes. She also finds Starlet Town incredibly dull. And that includes the farmer, at first.


“Lily works remotely for a cybersecurity company and has no set working hours. She likes solitude and bonsai.”

Lily works remotely at a cybersecurity company and lives at home with her father, Jim, and her brother, Theo. She spends most of her day inside, but she’ll take strolls out to visit the lake or library, especially on weekends. If you want to romance her, the most efficient way to do so is to knock on her door and force her to talk to you.


“Macy grew up on a neighboring island. Her passions are photography, animals, and nature. She has a rescue lobster, Stephen.”

Macy lives full-time at the inn and makes a living selling her photos. She used to work in finance but found joy in photography and moved to Coral Island to pursue her dream of taking beautiful nature photos. Macy is independent but upbeat, and one of her favorite ways to spend a night is playing video games with her pet lobster, Stephen.


“Millie works at the library and oversees the museum. She spends her free time bird watching and restoring old books.”

Millie is Coral Island’s librarian, and it’s no surprise that her dream is to one day be a published writer. She loves to bird-watch, write, and restore old books when she’s not in the library. But get to know her better, and you’ll have the chance to try to summon a lake goddess that only appears to those whose hearts are filled with love.


“The villa at the beach is one of her many vacation homes. She is well educated, humble, and a flirt in nature. Enjoys lavish vacations.”

Nina isn’t local to Coral Island but enjoys visiting the island on vacation. When she returns to Coral Island, she stays in the Abandoned Villa, a villa that was suddenly abandoned by Nina’s family many years ago. You’ll have to gain her trust to unravel the mystery surrounding Nina.


“Suki runs the inn with her twin sister, Alice. She’s a mom first, and everything else comes second. Healthy living is important to her.”

Suki is Alice’s twin sister. But you should have no trouble telling her apart from Alice. The ends of Suki’s hair are dyed pink, and Suki has a confident and strong personality that’s immediately evident. Additionally, she’s unique amongst the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in that she is divorced and has a daughter, who she holds above everything else.


“Yuri spent years volunteering her medical services for a worldwide doctors program, receiving little or no pay, before settling down in Coral Island. She likes to play chess and pool.”

Yuri is Coral Island’s resident doctor who works side-by-side with Charles. She spent her early 20s traveling around the world as a field medic, working for meager paychecks and fueled primarily by compassion. Yuri’s a colorful character, literally, with a shock of green hair and an amazing set of orange and green tattoos that perfectly match her aesthetic. When she’s not playing pool or chess, she’s checking in on the local residents while sometimes forgetting to take care of herself.


“Zarah is an adventurer at heart. She enjoys searching the island for all kinds of treasures – gems, artifacts, or buried history.”

Zarah is an adventurer and treasure hunter who spends her day exploring the more hidden recesses of Coral Island. But she keeps much of her personal life a mystery, and it can take time, patience, and a lot of azurite and grilled fish to get her to warm up to you.


“A Royal Gatekeeper. She carries on her family’s proud legacy of safeguarding the Kingdom.”

Denali is a mermaid that can only be found in the Merfolk kingdom. On June 2023, it was confirmed that she’d be a romanceable partner. We’ll update you with more information as it becomes available.

Princess Miranjani

“Princess Miranjani lives in the Kingdom with her family. Sweet, kind, with curiosity as boundless as the galaxy. Thinks door knobs are the coolest thing.

Princess Miranjani is the princess of the Merfolk Kingdom. However, beyond the scant information from the Dev Update in May 2023, not much information has been unveiled. We’ll update you with more information as it becomes available.

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