All Recipe Ingredient Note Locations in Phasmophobia – Halloween Event 2023

Here's all the notes you need for the Recipe Ingredients in Phasmophobia Halloween Event 2023.

The new Halloween Event for Phasmophobia includes finding nine Recipe Ingredient Notes, for which we have made a guide that will help you find all the notes on each map. So, let’s get started!

All Recipe Ingredient Note Locations for Phasmophobia Halloween Event 2023

Below are the locations for all the nine Recipe Ingredient Notes on each map in Phasmophobia:

6 Tanglewood Drive Recipe Ingredient Note

As you enter the house from the front door, go straight and take a right to the Kitchen. To the left of the Kitchen is a bench. Look under the bench to find a pumpkin with the recipe ingredient note.

Interact with the pumpkin to pick up the note.

42 Edgefield Road Recipe Ingredient Note

Go upstairs and take a left towards the hallway. Enter the room at the very end and look for the pumpkin on top of a dustbin to the right of the bed.

Grafton Farmhouse Recipe Ingredient Note

From the front door, go straight and exit the house from the door in front of you. In the backyard, you will find multiple pumpkins on your left and right.

Head towards the pumpkins on the right, and you will find the note inside one of the pumpkins.

10 Ridgeview Court Recipe Ingredient Note

Go to the basement of the house and turn towards the shelves on the left. On the far column and in the second row, you will find the pumpkin facing the other way.

Prison Recipe Ingredient Note

Head inside the prison and go past the door right at the end of the hallway. Turn to the left and open the sliding door. Turn left again and go inside the room that says “Central Control Unit.”

You will find the pumpkin inside that room on a desk.

Bleasdale Farmhouse Recipe Ingredient Note

Enter the house from the front and go upstairs. Take the next stairs to the Cellar Room, where you will find the pumpkin behind some boxes on the right.

13 Willow Street Recipe Ingredient Note

The pumpkin location on this map is right at the start. When you get out of the truck, turn to your left and go towards the end of the bush lining by the mailbox.

Camp Woodwind Recipe Ingredient Note

You will find the recipe ingredient note right beside the gate from where you enter the camp. It is hidden beside the left gate as you enter inside.

Maple Lodge Campsite Recipe Ingredient Note

For the last pumpkin location, head inside the campsite and go towards the cauldron with green smoke coming out of it. Go past the cauldron and interact with the pumpkin placed on a wooden log.

Now that you have all of the nine Recipe Ingredient Notes, you can proceed to the next step, which is to collect all the ingredients found on the notes.

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