All Maple Lodge Campsite Ingredients Locations in Phasmophobia – Halloween Event 2023

It is time for you to cook.

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The final stage of the Halloween Event in Phasmophobia requires you to find ingredients for the recipe, which we will help you find in this guide.

Phasmophobia Halloween Event Recipe Ingredients Locations

There are a total of nine ingredients that you need to brew a recipe for the Halloween Event. But before that, you need to find hidden Recipe Ingredient Notes on the other maps, which we have covered the locations of in this guide.

The final stage of the event takes place on the Maple Lodge Campsite, where you will find the ingredients and the cauldron in which you will put the ingredients. These are scattered all over the map, and you will need to grab them one by one and place them near the cauldron before you make the recipe.

Below are the locations for all of the nine ingredients you need for the recipe:

Light in the Dark x1 Location

The first ingredient for the recipe is a flashlight, which you can buy from the lobby. You will find the flashlight among the other equipment inside the truck. Make sure you bring a spare flashlight with you.

Death’s Rot x3 Location

Death’s Rot required for the recipe are three rotten apples, which you will find in the Storage or Staff Only area.

Starting from the entrance gate, go through the door on your right. Here, look for an opened crate with a pumpkin inside and apples falling out of it. You need three apples from here to put in the cauldron.

Toe of Frog x1 Location

The Toe of Frog is a turquoise Voodoo Doll inside the Reception Room at the start of the map. From the main gate, go straight inside the room and look for the green plushie on top of the computer beside the wall.

Jar of Mind x1 Location

The Jar of Mind is a human brain inside a glass jar, which you will find in the same location as the Toe of Frog. Go inside the Reception Room and look to the left of the computer desk beside the sofa.

It will be placed on a table with the green flower pot.

Sack of Beans x3 Location

For the Sack of Beans, you need to collect three beanbags and put them in the cauldron. For their location, head to the area where you will see the cauldron with green smoke coming out of it.

The beanbags are placed on a table beside the cauldron area.

Eyes of Bear x2 Location

From the cauldron area, go beside the tent and enter the bathroom. You will find the two eyes in the first sink on your right as you enter the bathroom. You will need both of the eyes to brew the recipe.

Screaming Skull x1 Location

Enter the campsite from the main gate and turn to the area on your right. Take a left and keep going straight towards the next area with the camps.

Look for the red tent in the area. Right next to the tent, you will see the skull on top of a log of wood.

Bowl of Grins x1 Location

A Bowl of Grins is a plate filled with nasty teeth. You will find the Bowl of Grin at the north of the map. From the main gate, turn to your right and go towards the area where you found the apples. Take a left and go through the door. Head to the alleyway on the right and take a right turn to find the lake. The cabin will be beside the lake on the right.

Grab the key from the porch and enter inside. You will see a brown plate on top of the counter on your left as you enter the cabin.

Love’s Blossom x1 Location

For the last ingredient, you need to find a flower. Head to the north of the map near the cabin. Go to the lake beside the cabin and look for two skeletons sitting on a chair near the lake. The skeleton on the right will have the flower in its hands. Grab the flower and go back to the cauldron.

Now that you have all the ingredients for the recipe, you have to put them inside the cauldron. After you put in the last ingredient, you will see green ghosts fly out of the cauldron and towards the sky. The sky will then turn red and a skull will appear in the sky.

After that, head back to the truck and go to the lobby. You will find a trophy in the main room that you unlocked for completing the event. Also, you will have the option to swap your ID card style with a special card style that you got as a reward from the event.

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