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In case you were looking to fill out your Noggle collection.

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We’re just over one month out from the annual Tennocon, a celebration of everything Warframe is and everything that is yet to come. It’s a time for celebration, as we’re likely to hear plenty of new stuff including reveals for the next big update coming to Warframe, with Duviri done and dusted. Given that it’s the 10th anniversary of Warframe, Digital Extremes have decided to do the leadup to the event far differently with weekly alerts and fresh rewards. Here are all rewards you can get from the Recall: Ten-Zero event in Warframe.

Everything You Can Earn During the Warframe Recall: Ten-Zero Event

Similar to past events, Recall Ten-Zero will provide new rewards you can earn each week. Starting on July 19, rewards will continuously be refreshed until Tennocon begins in late August. For each of the five weeks in between, you can log in and complete the alert to score three gifts. The gifts, and the weeks in which you can get them, are below.

  • Week 1: Vor’s Prize – July 19 at 11 AM ET until July 27 at 11 AM ET
    • Darvo Noggle
    • Orokin Catalyst Blueprint
    • Vor Recall Glyph
  • Week 2: Enemy Factions – July 27 at 11 AM ET until August 3 at 11 AM ET
    • Nightwatch Grineer Lancer Noggle
    • Forma
    • Factions Recall Glyph
  • Week 3: Nightwave – August 3 at 11 AM ET until August 10 at 11 AM ET
    • Nihil Noggle
    • Forma
    • Nihil Recall Glyph
  • Week 4: Historic Tactical Alerts – August 10 at 11 AM ET until August 17 at 11 AM ET
    • Manic Noggle
    • Exilus Warframe Adapter
    • Jack O’Naut Recall Glyph
  • Week 5: Iconic Bosses – August 17 at 11 AM ET until August 25 at 11 AM ET
    • Jackal Noggle
    • Exilus Weapon Adapter
    • Regor Recall Glyph

On top of all these rewards, you’ll also get rewards for completing a certain amount of alerts during the Recall: Ten-Zero event. For completing the alerts during three separate weeks, you’ll pick up the 10-Year Anniversary Emblem. If you manage to complete all five alert weeks, you’ll snag the new Kyndryn Gunblade skin for use on a Gunblade of your choosing (between you and me, the Redeemer Prime is the correct answer).

How Do the Recall: Ten-Zero Alerts Work?

Unlike regular Alerts, each of these weeks can be repeated to get any applicable rewards again (except the Glyphs, for obvious reasons). You’ll only get rewards on every third completion of an alert though, so don’t expect anything on the first or second run of that alert. Still, these rewards should help you work on your builds. Especially that crispy Forma, something I’ll personally be farming to get those god-forsaken Lich and Sister weapons leveled to where they need to be.

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