All Rare Trees in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Listed

Hybridizing hybrids.

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Fruit Trees

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life takes farming to the next level. At first, players can grow basic crops from seeds bought from Vesta’s Farm. Once the first year is over, and year two begins, the number of crops that you can grow increases tremendously. This is thanks to Vinnie and his ability to mix crops together, creating hybrid crops. It doesn’t end there though, as you can mix hybrids together to make something very rare. Here is a list of all rare trees that you can grow in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

Every Rare Tree in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

Rare trees are created by using Vinnie to mix two hybrid tree crops together. You can either use the seed or the crop. A mix of the two also works. These rare trees have never been seen by Vinnie before, and he will ask you to name the newly discovered crop. Because of this, the rare trees are listed by their number.

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Rare Tree NameAppearanceHybrid Crop OneHybrid Crop TwoFruits in SeasonDays to Grow
Rare Tree 1FigGreachPappleWinter9.5-14
Rare Tree 2KiwiGrananaPorangeSummer9.5-14
Rare Tree 3PersimmonBanorangeOrappleWinter8.5-13.5
Rare Tree 4DurianPorangePananaSummer9-13.5
Rare Tree 5CoconutBanapplePorangeAutumn8-12
Rare Tree 6ChestnutBanappleGrorangeAutumn7.5-11.5
Rare Tree 7StarfruitBanappleGreachSummer8-12.5
Rare Tree 8Green AppleGreachGrorangeAutumn8.5-13
Rare Tree 9ApricotGrapplePorangeSpring8-12
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The rare trees grow in any kind of soil, so it is a good idea to grow them in the left field which is the poorest quality of the three fields. Trees are a good way to make money as once you plant them, you can let them be until they are ready to harvest. Even then, if you do not shake them, the fruit will fall off on all on its own. Get creative with their names and work towards completing the encyclopedia.

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