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Starfield Nesoi Dream Home
Screenshot by Prima Games

All Player Homes in Starfield That You Can Buy

Every player home you can buy in the game!

For me, and many like me, owning a home in a role-playing game is a massive step in the right direction for total immersion. Bethesda’s RPGs typically have home-owning options aplenty, with a few available to purchase and some provided as quest rewards. It’s no different in Starfield. There are numerous houses and apartments for purchase, some of which only unlock by aligning yourself with the right faction, like UC Vanguard. Here is every home you can buy in Starfield.

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All Available Player Homes in Starfield

For the sake of brevity, I won’t include player “homes” like The Lodge Room at Constellation HQ. It’s a freebie that everyone receives by completing the prologue, and, as such, you don’t have to pay a single credit or endure any significant questlines to receive it. Instead, I’ll focus on those player homes that take a bit more to obtain or have specific requirements, like unique perks, that alter your gameplay.

Nesoi Dream Home

Starfield Nesoi Dream Home Interior
Screenshot by Prima Games

While this certainly isn’t the only player home locked behind a specific perk, the Nesoi Dream Home is the most gorgeous option, especially when you compare it to the alternative perk-required player home, which you’ll see in just a moment.

The only significant downside to the Nesoi Dream Home is paying off the mortgage to GalBank (those cretins!) and furnishing the entire pad. It’s a big home, and when I had it, I placed a sleeping bag and two chairs down before I ran out of resources. It’s definitely a mid-game to end-game home.

Furthermore, it’s a little out of the way. Most player homes in the game are within the main cities, so they’re a short walk from stores and quests. But not this one. It’s lightyears from anything useful. But that doesn’t detract from the prestige of owning a luxury home on a beautiful planet!

Parents’ Home

Starfield Kid Stuff Perk Parents
Screenshot by Prima Games

As the other perk-locked player home, the Parents’ Home, while “free,” isn’t completely free. You still pay a small percentage (2%) of your weekly credits. For your efforts, you can sleep in your childhood bedroom, complete with a bottle of lotion under the bed for those frisky nights in New Atlantis.

Once you choose “Kid Stuff,” you’ll receive a quest to visit your parents in New Atlantis upon landing in the city’s spaceport. Honestly, it’s the perfect little starter home. You don’t have to pay tens of thousands of credits; you don’t need to complete lengthy questlines; it’s just here for you, like your mother and father.

And even better is they’ll give you gifts on occasion. So, you get a bed, a gun, a spacesuit, and even a ship in time!

Neon Sleepcrate

Starfield Neon Sleepcrate
Screenshot by Prima Games

Right off the bat, this one reminds me of a prison cell in The Callisto Protocol. It’s a tight, confined space with a heavy metal door that locks into place as it slides shut. You get a metal bed, a trash can, and a little table set. That’s all.

Thankfully, it’s the cheapest player home in the game. You can spend about 300 credits for one night or 2000 credits for one week, and it’s pay-as-you-go. If you genuinely need a player home, just somewhere to rest your head after an extended mission, and you’re already in Neon, then this works. It’s not comfortable, it’s not extravagant, but it works.

Don’t expect a continental breakfast, though.

The Well Apartment

Starfield The Well Apartment
Screenshot by Prima Games

Another starter home on the list, The Well Apartment, is a literal garbage hole. It’s tucked into a staircase leading to the second floor of catwalks in the poorest district in New Atlantis. It features a small kitchenette, a dining/living room, and a small staircase leading to a bedroom large enough to turn around and walk out the front door.

Sadly, the worst part about this player’s home isn’t the size or state. It’s the cost. This little apartment will set you back 30,000 credits. And the only way to unlock it is via the UC Vanguard faction questline, which can take a lot of time to work through.

For all your trouble fighting Terrormorphs and protecting the United Colonies, you’re granted UC Citizenship and the opportunity, not even outright given it as a reward, but the chance to buy this hellhole of an apartment. Best of luck, citizen!

Akila City Stretch Home

I genuinely love the aesthetic of the Akila City Stretch Home. It fits the whole vibe of Akila City and the Freestar Collective to the letter and is not overly expensive. To purchase any home in Akila City, you must first speak with Ngodup Tate, who slings real estate out behind The Rock. For the Stretch Home, expect to pay 45,000 credits. Now, that’s not a lot of money at this point in the game. You can afford it by completing a few faction quests.

You’ll receive a sizable home with seemingly makeshift walls separating the various rooms for that price. It’s spacious and fits a gunslinger or Freestar Ranger-type character perfectly.

Akila City Core Manor

If you want something more luxurious in Akila City, expect to hand over precisely 78,000 credits to Mr. Tate. For almost double the price of the Stretch Home, the Akila City Core Manor, the one Tate likes to lean against while selling property, is relatively sizable. It features a main room with an attached kitchen, a bathroom, and a small bedroom alongside an exterior door leading out the back.

There is enough space in the central interior room for you to customize the manor to your liking, and we definitely recommend a couch to spruce up the living area somewhat. The best feature of this house is its proximity to everything in Akila City. It’s a short walk to Rowland Firearms, and even the spaceport is just down the stairs a short distance.

Neon Sky Suite

To put this as plainly and honestly as imaginable, the Neon Sky Suite is an absolute ripoff. Unless you’re role-playing as a Neon Street Kid who made it big, this player home is not worth the credits you pay. If you have a moment, scroll back and look at The Well Apartment. It’s about the same size.

To own the Neon Sky Suite, you must talk with the bartender at the Astral Lounge and fork over 235,000 credits. It’s a tidy sum that costs more than many of the game’s spaceships, and yet you’ll receive very little for that price. It’s a penthouse in name only, but in reality, it is nothing more than a studio apartment with a balcony overlooking the industrial portion of Neon from above.

I beg of you, save your credits.

Mercury Tower Penthouse

And now we come to the largest and most luxurious player home in Starfield: New Atlantis Mercury Tower Penthouse. The best part about this home is it is entirely free. The only catch is you must become a UC Class One Citizen by finishing the UC Vanguard faction questline. It’s long, taking around 6-10 hours to complete, depending on your playstyle, but well worth the effort.

The questline provides some of the best weapons and armor in the game, a chance to fight Terrormorphs, and this beautiful penthouse overlooking the planet Jemison from above.

Once you finish the faction questline, seek out Zora at Aphelion Realty in the MAST District. She’ll tap on her tablet momentarily; then the player home is yours. And it’s fully customizable, too!

Of the many player homes in Starfield, we recommend the New Atlantis Mercury Tower Penthouse, first and foremost, and then the Akila City Stretch Home. They’re both worth the price of admission, offering fantastic amenities and locations for any character. I would say avoid the player homes in Neon altogether, though!

Once you collect every house in the game, what’s next? How about looking to the future? Here are things we want to see in the Shattered Space DLC and a potential sequel!

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