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All Playable Heroes in Redfall – Explained

Your new favorite band of misfits are superpowered and ready to fight

by Daphne Fama

Vampires, cultists, Night Managers oh my! Redfall is set to release soon, and if you want to survive the dark menace that’s descended over the town, you’re going to want to intimately know who you’re playing as. Here are all playable heroes in Redfall – Explained.

All Playable Heroes in Redfall – Explained

There are four playable characters in Redfall, and they each bring something unique to the table. Let’s jump right in.

 Layla Ellison, The Telekinetic Threat

Before Redfall fell to chaos, Layla was just a student at the nearby university studying Biomedical Engineering. And to pay for her student debt, she signed up for a medical study that gave her telekinetic powers. I’ve heard of worse hero origin stories.

Now, though, those telekinetic powers are serving her well against the undead threat. Here are all of her known abilities.

Umbrella – Layla can conjure a purple shield called an umbrella that wards off frontal assaults.

Lift – Layla can conjure a spring elevator that will allow you or a teammate to bounce into the air and over threats, like Death Mist. It can also help give you the aerial advantage by letting you access the roofs.

Jacob Boyer, the Deadeye with the Undead Eye

Jacob was a former special forces sniper, but after his discharge he went the mercenary route. But with the fall of Redfall, he’s got a new target in his sights: the vampiric and cultist menace that’s filled the island.

As for his strange eye, when Redfall was overcome by vampires, Jacob ran into one of the vampiric “gods” that now rule the island. This left him with a vampiric eye and a spectral raven companion.

Here are all of his known abiltiies.

Raven – Jacob can manifest and summon a spectral raven, which can be used as a scout to seek out and mark nearby threats. The raven can be upgraded to seek out and deal damage as well.

Cloak – Jacob has a cloaking device that allows him to move unseen. This invisibility is temporary, but when upgraded it can be shared with his allies.

Heartstopper – One of Jacob’s new vampiric abilities allows him to summon a ghostly sniper rifle. This sniper rifle locks onto enemies one after the other, so you can deal a lethal series of headshots from afar.

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Devinder Crousley, the Verified Cryptid Hunter

Dev has traveled the world trying to prove the existence of the strange and supernatural. And on Redfall, he’s gotten his wish. An author, brilliant inventor and self-styled “cryptid-hunter,” Dev found himself on Redfall to promote his latest book. Unfortunately, vampires soon took over the island, preventing his escape. But his studies have granted him all the knowledge he needs to craft his own anti-vampire weaponry.

Remi De La Rosa, The Ingenious Ingeniera

Remi’s determination to protect the people around her led her to join the Coast Guard, where she served on the frontlines of disasters. During her time in the Coast Guard, she developed Bribón, a highly advanced robot designed to be a decoy, cover and attack drone all in one. Because of her experience as a robotics expert, she often traveled to different Coast Guard bases training them in remote-operated search-and-rescue technology, which is how she ended up in Redfall. Fortunately, she has Bribon to watch her back.

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