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Is Redfall on Xbox Game Pass? – Answered

Just in time for slaying some vampires

by Patrick Souza
Redfall Game Pass

The journey into Redfall is fast approaching. The new Bethesda first-person shooter game is coming out in just a few days, and if you’re ready for purging the vampires infesting the city alongside other survivors, you might be curious if you can experience it through the Xbox Game Pass. The game is an Xbox exclusive after all, so it would only make sense. Well, is it included in Microsoft’s gaming service?

Is Redfall on Xbox Game Pass? – Answered

Yes, Redfall will be included on the Xbox Game Pass as a Day One title. Players can already check out its Xbox page, which lists the game as a title for the service. The game will be available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on May 2, and experiencing it through Game Pass might be the best way for deciding on jumping into it or not.

Even though it’s a narrative-driven game with an emphasis on its story, it’s not a single-player-only game in any way. You control multiple survivors through the streets of Redfall, and that means that you can bring some friends to the arduous tasks of taking back the city and discovering how the vampires came into existence in the first place. If you or any of your friends don’t own the game yet, grabbing it through Game Pass is the best way to enjoy it together for a while.

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And don’t worry about getting the game on the same platforms, as crossplay is already included in it. You can get the game on Steam and play it with two friends who have it on PC Game Pass, with the final element being another player from Xbox One. So there’s little to no excuse not to hop onto this journey to bring the sun back to Redfall. Go out and shoot those vampires down.

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