All Playable Characters in Project Mugen Listed

Just your standard anime MC trio!

Project Mugen character stands atop skyscraper
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Project Mugen is an upcoming open-world adventure RPG that will surely appeal to fans of the genre. With numerous characters revealed in just a three-minute trailer, it’s clear that the game has a strong gacha element. Here are the playable characters shown thus far and what we know about them.

All Characters Listed in Project Mugen

Main Character (Male)

Male Main Character from Project Mugen
Image via Project Mugen YouTube First PV Reveal| Tomorrow and Surprises Come Together!

It’s unclear whether Project Mugen will support the decision for players to choose a gender for the main character since all that has been seen of their game has been the trailer. So far, only one male character appears to be controlling Bansy and looking after Taffy. He seems to have a special ability to manipulate objects around him to fight back against enemies which could also be gameplay featured for other characters as well but, until then, we can only wait for the final version!


Bansy from Project Mugen
Image via Project Mugen Twitter

It seems that Bansy may have drawn inspiration from the well-known artist Banksy, given her punk-like aesthetic and tendency to be viewed as the group’s artist due to her use of graffiti and even a paint gun during combat. Project Mugen places a curious importance on creative arts in their game and Bansy is our upbeat partner-in-crime whose art can… come alive? Maybe!


Taffy from Project Mugen
Image via Project Mugen Twitter

Sweet Taffy is a low-energy child who prefers to conserve her energy rather than expend it like others her age. In this modern urban world, it doesn’t seem strange for humans to have animal-like features since Taffy herself is seen sporting rabbit ears. However, when she does give her all, she can be seen actually fighting with a vehicle of sorts that she can use to ride around on and use in battle to run over her enemies. 


Dila from Project Mugen
Image via Project Mugen Twitter

Dila is probably one of the most mysterious characters we see thus far in Project Mugen. Not only is she seen hanging out with our main cast of characters, but she is also portrayed as an antagonist. Growing gigantic and threatening to bring down meteors onto the city, we are seen rising to combat her and yet also comfort her as shown in the trailer. What her place is in this new world, we’ve yet to find out. 


Mechanika from Project Mugen
Image via Project Mugen Twitter

A spunky young gal around the same age as Taffy, but much more full of life and hype. This character oddly reminds me of Entrapta from She-Ra, but as mentioned by the site, she is a ghost trapper of sorts and does indeed work with machines and engineering. She’s also not the type to miss out on the music concerts within her vicinity. 


Alan from Project Mugen
Image via Project Mugen Twitter

Alan is the only other male that Project Mugen has revealed aside from the Main Character. He has light hair and wears a sporty windbreaker in blue and yellow. But the most notable thing about Alan isn’t what he wears, but the weapon that he wields. In a very Tower of Fantasy fashion, Project Mugen isn’t one to shy away from unique weapons, and Alan has none other than the mighty Yo-Yo. This toy isn’t just for hobbies since it’s seen growing in size and rolling at extreme speeds to attack both near and far enemies. One thing you can say about Project Mugen thus far is that it’s certainly not boring.

Unconfirmed Black-Haired Tall Female

Unconfirmed Female with Dark Hair and a Sword/Bow from Project Mugen
Image via Project Mugen YouTube First PV Reveal| Tomorrow and Surprises Come Together!

Though her name hasn’t been published or revealed by NetEase, there is another character with two-toned hair, dark black in most areas with a minty-colored green on the undersides. She’s seen wielding both a sword and a bow in combat, so Project Mugen isn’t afraid to break out the gates with multi-wielding weapons. 

Unconfirmed White-Haired Tall Horned Female

Unconfirmed Horned Female from Project Mugen
Image via Project Mugen YouTube First PV Reveal| Tomorrow and Surprises Come Together!

Our other nameless character is a fiery young woman with short white hair and a pair of red and black horns (or cat ears). It’s still a bit difficult to tell from the trailer alone. She’s depicted wielding a bat, pulling enemies towards her, and swatting them away with a swing. One of the much more outgoing characters we see thus far in Project Mugen, but one that also is just as interesting as the rest.

NetEase has not yet confirmed when the release date of their game will come to be but continues to update fans with news of characters and small trailers month by month. Similar to most in its genre, it expects to be released on PC for global servers and is currently undergoing a preregistration campaign to generate further popularity. For more news on the game as we wait for its official release, be sure to check out the game tag just below this article.

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