All Phasmophobia Ghosts and Evidence, Listed – Phasmophobia Ghost Cheat Sheet

You can't hide from me, spirit.

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As you explore the most haunted locales a person could ever subject themselves to, you’ll encounter quite a few entities. Here are all Phasmophobia Ghosts and Evidence, listed, in cheat sheet form.

All Phasmophobia Ghosts and Evidence, Listed – Phasmophobia Ghost Cheat Sheet

As the game gets bigger, more and more spectral entities can be found prowling through levels. And that makes it much harder to recall what evidence might be linked to what ghost. To that end, we’ve created a cheat sheet for all your ghost-hunting needs in Phasmophobia.

SpiritEvidenceHunt ThresholdTells
SpiritEMF 5, Spirit Box, Writing50%Incensing the ghost will prevent a hunt for 180 seconds instead of standard 90s
WraithEMF 5, Spirit Box, D.O.T.S.50%Will never step in salt.
PhantomSpirit Box, D.O.T.S., UV50%Vanishes after you take their picture when using D.O.T.S. Their ghost picture will have no static.
PoltergeistSpirit Box, Writing, UV50%Can throw multiple times.
BansheeD.O.T.S., UV, Orbs50%May scream. Will only go after one target during hunt, unless the target is outside.
JinnEMF 5, UV, Freezing50%Can drop nearby players’ sanity by 25% with EMF 2 or 5 at the breaker. But can’t turn off the breaker directly.
MareSpirit Box, Writing, OrbsLight Off: 60% Light On: 40%Will immediately off a light after it’s turned on.
RevenantWriting, Freezing, Orbs50%If it senses you during a hunt, speed is increased to 3.0m/s.
ShadeEMF 5, Writing, Freezing35%Will not hunt with someone in the same room, more ghost events at lower average sanity. More likely to do ghost mist events.
DemonWriting, UV, Freezing70% (100% Ability)When using incense, it will only prevent a hunt for 60s instead of standard 90s.
YureiD.O.T.S., Freezing, Orbs50%Will close doors and can drop your sanity while doing so. Only ghost that can close an exit door outside of a hunt.
OniEMF 5, D.O.T.S., Freezing50%Will not do a ghost mist event, more visible during hunts.
YokaiSpirit Box, D.O.T.S., Orbs50% 80% when someone speaks close to themMore active when spoken to.
HantuUV, Freezing, Orbs50%During hunts, it has visible freezing breath if the breaker is off or broken. Very likely to turn the breaker off.
GoryoEMF 5, D.O.T.S., UV50%Guaranteed D.O.T.S. on Nightmare or Insanity, D.O.T.S. only appears on video camera. Can’t change its favorite room.
MylingEMF 5, Writing, UV50%Vocals and foosteps can’t be heard more than 12m away during hunts. Frequent paranormal noises on paramic.
OnryoSpirit Box, Freezing, Orbs60%Will hunt at any sanity after snuffing every third flame if no other flame or crucifix stops it. Very likely to extinguish a flame.
The TwinsEMF 5, Spirit Box, Freezing50%Only triggers motion sensors, steps in salt at its physical location.
RaijuEMF 5, D.O.T.S., Orbs50% 65% when near electrical equipmentDuring hunts, it can flicker electronics at 15m instead of standard 10m.
ObakeEMF 5, Orbs, UV50%Has a six-fingered handprint.
The MimicSpirit Box, Freezing, OrbsDepends on mimicked ghostWill always show orbs as additional fake evidence (4th evidence). Copies the behavior and traits of other ghosts. Changes its ghost behavior every 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
MoroiWriting, UV50%Will curse players who hear it through the paramic or spirit box. Curses will drop sanity 2x as fast.
DeogenD.O.T.S., Writing, Spirit Box40%Heavy breathing while within 1m of the ghost. You can’t hide from it during a hunt.
ThayeWriting, D.O.T.S., Orbs75% – 15% -6% per aging stepGhost ages when players are close by. More active when it’s younger. You can use the Ouija board to check its age.

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