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All New Moonfire Faire Items in FFXIV (2022)

It's time to celebrate!

by Jesse Vitelli

The Moonfire Faire is almost back in FFXIV, which means a bunch of new items have hit the Mog Station store for players to celebrate. This event comes around once a year and is a fan favorite. You’ll see players all over Limsa Lominsa and other places celebrating and dancing the night away. Here are all of the new items for the Moonfire Faire in FFXIV.

All New Moonfire Faire Items in FFXIV

All of the items on this list are purchasable via the Final Fantasy XIV online store and are either new items to the game or are returning in-game items that have been missing for a few years. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Old Wounds (Piano Collections Orchestrion Roll)

For $5, you can pick up this Orchestrion Roll. The website says, “A soothing piano rendition of Gyr Abania’s yearning nighttime music.”

If you’re an avid collector of different music sheets in FFXIV, you’ll want to grab this one for your collection.

Imagination (Piano Collections) Orchestrion Roll

This Orchestrion Roll is also $5. If you’re looking for even more music to add to your collection, you’ll need to shell out some more cash.

The website description is as follows: “Enjoy the theme of the Aetherochemical Research Facility as never before with this relaxing piano arrangement of Imagination.”

Polar Bear Mount

The Polar Bear mount is finally back. After being available previously during the last Moonfire Faire, it’s now purchasable online for those who missed out last year. This mount will cost you $12 if you’re trying to add it to your collection. Just look how cute it is!

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Authentic Moonfire Mask Stall

For those with homes or apartments in FFXIV, you’ll want to grab this mask stall to add to your room. It features handcrafted masks and is a perfect setpiece for your Moonfire Faire parties.

Five Servings of Authentic Costa Del Hielo

What good is a party if there’s no food? With this purchase, you’ll get five servings of some great Costa Del Hielo. This item also grants a meal effect, so be sure to get all your party members rocking! What a steal at only $5. What will they add next? Maybe the Red Lobster cheddar biscuits, who knows.

Five Servings of Authentic Grilled Corn

Finally, a place to get some good grilled corn around here. I was wondering when FFXIV would finally put corn back on the menu. Here we are, for $5, feed all your friends some good corn on the cob, a fan favorite.

Well, those are all of the new items being added to the online store for the Moonfire Faire in 2022. If you haven’t checked out the Moogle Treasure Trove for this month yet, look at all the other stuff you can get.

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