All New Features in No Man’s Sky Endurance Update

Time to get yourself a freighter ship.

No Man’s Sky is constantly being updated with new gameplay improvements, systems, and weird alien life. The game has come a long way from its initial release back in 2016 and has continued to evolve and change for the better. The latest update, Endurance, brings many new interactive features for players. Here are all of the new features in No Man’s Sky Endurance update.

All New Features in No Man’s Sky Endurance Update


  • Freighter Overhaul: Themed rooms allow players to assemble customized rooms quickly.
  • Dynamic Crew: Special crews that walk around your base. Engineers, biologists, and technicians patrol the base.
  • Agricultural Modules: Construct farms on your freighter. Plant, grow, and harvest crops.
  • Can now build out exteriors of freighters. Observation decks and catwalks.
  • Visually upgraded freighters with enhanced textures, improved colors, and high-detail surface decoration
  • Civilian freighters encountered are pre-fitted with a variety of bases.
  • Doors and windows can now be constructed to see the stars
  • Internal doors, windows, and walls can also be placed.
  • Derelict Freighter Atmospherics have been reworked visually
  • Stellar Extractors now automatically harvest resources from deep space based on the system star classification
  • Third-person freighter warp
  • Personalize your capital ship’s exhaust trail
  • Planetary Probe can remotely discover all celestial bodies in a solar system
  • Construct glass corridors
  • Dedicated cargo hold inventory which can be upgraded to hold more
  • Travelers can now teleport directly between the freighter and any space station or planetary base

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  • New visual effects for traversing Black Holes.
  • New asteroids now appear in denser clusters and a wider variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Destroying asteroids may expose otherworldly creatures.
  • Space storms now bring extraterrestrial weather

Base Building

  • Existing base parts can be replaced directly instead of having to delete and then replace.
  • Preview holograms can now be seen through walls while building on freighters.
  • Freighters also have free placement for building.

Organic Frigates

  • Organic frigates can be encountered in deep space. Build your own fleet and send them on missions
  • Procedurally generated vessels come in different colors, shapes, and tentacle configurations.
  • Evolve traits and stats of your organic vessels by feeding them.

Well, that’s all of the new features in the No Man’s Sky Endurance update. There’s plenty to do in No Man’s Sky, like having your own really sick mech.

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