All Mission Board Quest Types and Rewards in Starfield

Earn a side income with the mission boards!

Starfield Mission Board in Madame Savauge's Place
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During your adventures across the Settled Systems, you’ll find yourself without anything to do, or with a dire need for additional credits, but not a side quest in sight. What is an adventurer to do? Retire? Hah! You can visit your local mission board to find various quests, including bounties, surveys, and delivering missions. These quests are genuinely easy and quick, though they don’t pay the most. Here are all the mission board quest types and rewards in Starfield.

All Mission Board Quest Types

Starfield Mission Board Bounty List
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The mission board system in Starfield is a unique way to enjoy emergent side quests without becoming bogged down by dialogue and/or tracking down quest givers. You find a mission board in any of the major cities or faction headquarters, accept a mission, and then you’re on your way to a quick payday.

In total, there are eight types of mission board quests available, including:

  • Bounty: Track down and kill a specific target, either on land or in space.
  • Cargo: Transport specific cargo to various points of interest/settlements.
  • Passenger: Transport a passenger or group of passengers to a settlement.
  • Piracy: Track down and steal cargo from a specific spaceship.
  • Smuggle: Smuggle lucrative contraband through planet scanners to a specified location.
  • Steal/Raid: Infiltrate and steal from a settlement on the specified planet.
  • Supply: Deliver resources and items to a settlement/point of interest.
  • Survey: Fully scan and survey a planet’s flora, fauna, and resources.

As a reward for completing these mission board assignments, you’ll receive credits typically ranging from 1,000 to 12,000, depending on the nature and complexity of the job.

Faction Mission Boards

Alongside the typical mission boards, you’ll discover in the main settlements of Starfield, you’ll also stumble upon faction-specific boards. These offer unique jobs based on the faction in question and include:

  • Constellation: The Constellation Mission Board will typically task you with surveying and exploring planets across the Settled Systems.
  • United Colonies: The United Colonies Mission Board features quests dealing with bounties and the occasional Terrormorph.
  • Freestar Rangers: You’ll find a lot of bounties on the Freestar Rangers Mission Board, so not too different from the usual quests.
  • Crimson Fleet: The Crimson Fleet Mission Board is the most interesting of the bunch, offering raid and pirate mission types.

These emergent, procedurally generated quests just provide a little side activity for anyone who wants a break from the big-time quests in the game or those who require a few extra credits.

For more lucrative quests, learn how to join every faction in Starfield! Some pay extremely well, like the UC SysDef and Crimson Fleet quest, which pays out 250,000 credits at the end!

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