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While most of the side missions in Starfield are found through various NPCs or through overheard conversation, there’s a whole host of secret, repeatable missions found through the mission boards scattered around the game. Each one offers different rewards, let alone the different types of mission boards from different factions. Here are all the mission board locations in Starfield.

Every Mission Board in Starfield

In total, there are 13 mission boards you can find throughout Starfield. Four of these mission boards give mission objectives exclusive to their faction, while the remaining nine give general missions that don’t change much from mission board to mission board.

Constellation Mission Board

Starfield Constellation MIssion Board
Image via Prima Games.

The first faction mission board can be found in the basement of the Lodge, Constellation’s main base. To access it, take the hallway to the right as you enter the Lodge, then head down the stairs. The board is found in the same room as the workbenches. The kiosk offers missions such as locating particular structures or surveying planets for flora, minerals, and creatures.

United Colonies Mission Board

Starfield United Colonies Mission Board
Image via Prima Games.

The United Colonies mission board is located on the UC Vigilance, which is first accessible when beginning the Crimson Fleet mission line. Its position will change throughout that storyline, though if you’ve finished it and didn’t side with the Crimson Fleet, it’ll be hanging out at The Key in the Kryx system. It is no longer accessible if you side with the Crimson Fleet. This mission board will offer up select kill missions on Crimson Fleet, pirate, or Spacer enemies.

There tends to be at least one standard mission board in most settlements across Starfield, with specialized mission boards found within the key bases of certain major factions. All mission board locations can be found below.

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Freestar Rangers Mission Board

Starfield Freestar Rangers Mission Board
Image via Prima Games.

The Freestar Rangers mission board is tucked away tight. To get to it, head to Akila City and go to the other end of the town, into The Rock. Once inside, make your way upstairs. You can’t miss the mission board from there. You can only access this mission board by becoming a Freestar Ranger, which you do during the Freestar mission line.

Crimson Fleet Mission Board

Starfield Crimson Fleet Mission Board
Image via Prima Games.

Similar to the United Colonies mission board, the Crimson Fleet mission board is located on the fleet’s base of operations at The Key. It can be found in the Reckoner’s Core, where you first meet Shinya Voss during the Crimson Fleet mission line. If you side with the United Colonies, this mission board will no longer be accessible. This mission board, naturally, offers strike missions on the Crimson Fleet’s enemies, including the United Colonies.

New Atlantis Mission Board

Starfield Viewport Mission Board
Image via Prima Games.

The first standard mission board you can find is located within New Atlantis, in the Viewport Bar. It can be found to the left of the security checkpoint at the New Atlantis spaceport. You can also find a Self-Service Bounty Clearance station here if you want to kill two birds with one stone.

Neon Mission Board

Starfield Neon Mission Board
Image via Prima Games.

The Neon mission board takes a bit of walking to get to, similar to Akila City. Once you enter Neon, proceed to the Astral Lounge at the end of the main street and enter it. As you enter, you should immediately see the mission board, alongside a Self-Service Bounty Clearance kiosk.

Akila City Mission Board

Starfield Akila City Mission Board
Image via Prima Games.

The mission board in Akila City takes a little walking to get to. When you land in Akila City, make your way through the front gate and enter the Hitching Post bar on your right. You’ll find the mission board inside, along with a Self-Service Bounty Clearance kiosk.

Cydonia Mission Board

Starfield Cydonia Mission Board
Image via Prima Games.

The mission board in Cydonia is pretty easy to find. After entering the airlock into Cydonia, take your first right into the Broken Spear. Once you enter the main doorway, you’ll find the mission board immediately on your left alongside a Self-Service Bounty Clearance kiosk.

The Mission Board For Your Outpost

Starfield Outpost Mission Board
Image via Prima Games.

Believe it or not, it is possible to get a mission board set up in your Outpost. To do so, open up the Build Mode and navigate to the Miscellaneous tab. To build a mission board, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 4x Aluminum
  • 2x Zero Wire
  • 2x Beryllium

You can have up to two mission boards in a single Outpost, if you want an extra one for whatever reason.

Hopetown Mission Board

Starfield Hopetown Mission Board
Image via Prima Games.

The mission board for Hopetown (Planet of Polvo in the Valo System) has its mission board located within the Pit Stop bar, found next to the spaceport. Once you enter, you’ll spot it on the left wall.

Trident Luxury Lines Mission Board

Starfield Trident Luxury Lines Bounty Clearance Kiosk
Image via Prima Games.

For this mission board, you’ll want to head to the Cheyenne system and get on the Trident Luxury Lines spacestation, orbiting Akila. To the left of the entrance will be the mission board, and a conveniently placed Bounty Clearance kiosk.

Stroud-Eklund Shipyard Mission Board

Starfield Stroud Eklund Mission Board
Image via Prima Games.

The mission board for the Stroud-Eklund Shipyard (Narion system). As you enter through docking, you’ll find it on the left of the lobby.

Deimos Mission Board

Starfield Deimos Mission Board and Bounty Clearance Kiosk
Image via Prima Games.

The Deimos mission board can be found in the Deimos Shipyard, located on the moon of Deimos orbiting Mars, within the Sol system. You should see it once you head inside, immediately adjacent to a Bounty Clearance kiosk.

What Does a Mission Board Do in Starfield?

Mission boards each provide you with different types of missions to complete, offering up a Credit reward for completion of them. The types of missions they offer will depend on the faction you’re helping out, or if you’re helping a faction at all. Constellation, for example, provides missions centered around exploring and surveying planets, while the United Colonies asks you to destroy pirates and other hostile forces plaguing the hard-working folk. As for non-faction-related mission boards, these include specific bounties alongside transport gigs, where you’ll need to get passengers from one place to another.

As for whether these are worth it, that’ll depend heavily on which kiosk you’re using. Constellation missions don’t pay very well, even if they take less time and are far less dangerous to complete. Most standard mission board missions are much better paying though, in exchange for increased danger and requirements for your ship.

If you’re looking into more missions that you need to complete, here’s how to complete the Absolute Power mission in Starfield.

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