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All Map Fragment Locations in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC

Here are the locations for all Map Fragments in Shadow of the Erdtree.

Map Fragments are scattered all over the map and finding by yourself can be a very tedious task. For that reason, we have made this guide that will help players get to all Map Fragments locations in Shadow of the Erdtree.

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How to Find All Map Fragments in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

There are a total of five Map Fragments to collect in Shadow of the Erdtree, which are scattered in the main areas of the DLC. Here is how you can get to all of the Map Fragment locations in the Elden Ring DLC:

Gravesite Plain Map Fragment Location

The first map fragment is right at the start of the DLC when you enter the Land of Shadow. From the starting area, head northeast to find the landmark on the side of the road. However, be wary of the Curseblade Ascetic enemy that will jump at you from one of the gravestones in the path. It is quite aggressive and deals a lot of damage for a starter enemy.

Southern Shores Map Fragment Location

For this map fragment location, we will start from the Castle Front Site of Grace. Head southeast down the road until you come across a soldier on the edge of the cliff.

Head below until you reach the pond with a giant Crab and a Flower. Go past the flower and into the cave. At the end of the cave, you will reach the Ellac River Site of Grace.

Get out of the cave and take a left turn. You will find some racks you can jump on. Keep going forward by jumping on the rocks till you get to the bottom. It will take you to the Ellac River Downstream Site of Grace.

Follow the stream of river and you will come across a Crab and Furnace Golem. Take the path to the right of the Furnace Golem and go straight to enter Cerulean Coast.

As you go down the road ahead, you will find the landmark with the map fragment next to it.

Scadu Altus Map Fragment Location

There are two ways you can reach this map fragment location. You can either enter Castle Ensis and beat the final boss to get to the next region, or you can skip the boss fight and take another path to it.

To take the alternative route, again head to the cliff where the soldier is standing and get to the water down below. Instead of going into the cave behind the giant Flower this time, take the route on the left to the poison swamp.

Keep following the path till you come across a Spiritspring. However, the Spiritspring will not be activated. You will need to strike the rocks on the ledge above to activate the Spiritspring.

Once it is activated, jump on the Spiritspring to get to the Fort of Reprimand. Exit the fort from the front and go the path on the right. Keep going straight past the soldiers fighting the Dragon.

You will know when you are at the right location when you see soldiers and a Furnace Golem at the gate of a castle.

Rauh Base Map Fragment Location

Start from the Miquella’s Cross just behind the last map fragment location and head east. You will come across a lake with blue worms. Near them will be a cave entrance with Marika’s statue at the front. Exit the cave to the other side with poison swams beneath you.

Take the path on the left and go past the poison swamps while ignoring the giant birds. The path will take you to the Rauh Base region.

Keep going straight and past the two giants to find the landmark with the map fragment.

Abyssal Wood Map Fragment Location

The last one is quite tedious and will require you to enter Shadow Keep Legacy Dungeon and defeat the Giant Hippopotamus boss.

Once you have done that, take the path on your right if the door to the left is not open for you. Go past the soldiers and up the stairs. Keep going forward till you reach an open area with ships in the middle.

Go past that area to the other side and look to your left to find a ladder. Go down the ladder and behind the waterfall is another ladder you can descend.

Enter the room with the painting and roll into the wall on the right of the painting. It will be a secret passage that will lead to a coffin. Enter the coffin to reach the next area.

From here, stick to the right and follow the path. There will be another Site of Grace here. Keep going straight and make sure you jump over the holes. When you reach the enemies, jump to the other side and continue going straight till you reach another Site of Grace.

Look below and you will see gravestones coming out from the side of the mountain. You will jump onto them and go down below. Again follow the water stream and you will find more gravestones. Parkour down the mountain and head left to the side of it to find an entrance to Darklight Catacombs. Progress through the dungeon and defeat the boss at the end to open the path to Abyssal Woods.

Once you get out of the dungeon, go straight to the Site of Grace. However, you will no longer be able to use your Spectral Seed for this area. Run straight down the road until you come across Madding Hand invader.

Defeat him and go straight to find the map fragment in front of Abandoned Church.

And there you have it. All of the Map Fragments have been found and now you will have the complete map of the Land of Shadow. You should also look into getting yourself some cool armor set like Solitude Set or learn how to turn into a humanoid dragon.

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