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All Mage Tower Rewards in WoW Dragonflight Listed

Looks like Mage Tower is back on the menu, boys!

by Nikola L
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Mage Tower is definitely back, and the rewards are something that a lot of players will want to grind for. As of patch 10.0.5, Mage Tower challenges are back, and if you missed the Mage Tower last time, or just started playing WoW recently, here’s your chance to claim some really nice things. Continue reading for a list of all Mage Tower rewards in Wow Dragonflight.

List of Every Mage Tower Reward in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Some players might be disappointed, but the rewards are basically the same as from the Shadowlands.

1. Guardian Druid Bear Form

Fel Werebear is back for you to claim, to the joy of many Feral Druids. Not being able to see your gear in animal forms has been a pet peeve for many for decades. (Jeez, WoW exists for that long?) Getting a new form provides a refreshing new look (until you get bored of it as well).

2. Mage-bound Spelltome Mount

One of the coolest flying mounts is back and if you didn’t get the magic book that can fly you around Azeroth (and beyond) now is the time to grab it.

3. Recolored Tier 20 Sargeras Sets

They indeed look cool, objectively speaking. Xmogs, anyone?

4. “Tower Overwhelming” Achievement

“It’s just an achievement”.

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Can Evokers Claim Mage Tower Rewards in WoW Dragonflight?

Not at the moment, unfortunately. They didn’t exist as a playable class back in the day when the Mage Tower originally came into existence, but Blizzard better be updating the game and allowing them to get something out of this, too! Or who knows, maybe they won’t, due to other priorities. I feel they should, just to make them not feel left out.

That’s about it, folks. See you soon at Prima Games!

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