All Luka Ascension and Trace Materials in Honkai: Star Rail

Punching his way into your team

Star Rail Luka Ascension Materials Featured

The new guy hopping in the ring is none other than Luka. Debuting in the Honkai: Star Rail 1.2 version, the 4-star Physical Nihility character was previously mentioned in the game through dialogues or even Light Cones, but took a little while before properly stepping up to the battlefield. But the wait is over as he’s finally here.

He was first featured in Kafka’s banner, and is regarded as one of her best partners, so why not build him altogether? Here is everything you’ll need to complete Luka’s Ascension and level up his Traces to the maximum in Honkai: Star Rail.

All Required Ascension Materials for Luka in Honkai: Star Rail

As a Nihility character, Luka specializes in applying debuffs (more specifically Bleeds) to his targets. But he needs to beef up before those fists start dishing out some serious damage! So start by gathering these items: 

Ascension Materials

  • x50 Broken Teeth of Iron Wolf
  • x4 Ancient Part
  • x13 Ancient Spindle
  • x12 Ancient Engine
  • x828000 Credits
  • x260 Traveler’s Guide

You can get the Broken Teeths from the Shape of Spike Stagnant Shadow in Great Mine. This automaton is weak to Electrical, Ice, and Imaginary, so you shouldn’t have much trouble with farming it. You will need a minimum of 10 runs (or 300 Trailblaze Power) if you’re at Trailblaze Level 60, otherwise, the numbers will be slightly higher.

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As for the Ancient items, you can grab them from any of the Automaton enemies found around Jarilo-VI, especially in the Robot Settlement. If you’ve been sending your characters in Assignments for those, you might not even have to farm them at all.

Trace Materials 

  • x12 Obsidian of Dread
  • x54 Obsidian of Desolation
  • x105 Obsidian of Obsession
  • x28 Ancient Part
  • x42 Ancient Spindle
  • x42 Ancient Engine
  • x12 Regret of Infinite Ochema
  • x5 Tracks of Destiny
  • x2400000 Credits

I hope you enjoyed farming Nihility materials for Kafka. Prepare to do it again for him! Drop rates aren’t the best, so this is the main farm you’ll have to do. Tons of Credits will also be required if you want to max him out, so pray for your in-game wallet.

The best way to handle this farm is to get his Ascension Materials out of the way first since those are easier to get. Then you can spend a few weeks gathering Obsidian items until his Traces are at a comfortable level. Make sure to activate his extra passive Traces first as these are way too valuable for his kit.

Star Rail Luka Ascension Materials Shop
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If you’re lacking in materials, you can also buy some of them from the Embers Exchange shop. As long as you’ll have enough Embers for buying Passes next month (or are planning to roll on a following banner), you can make your life easier by buying some of the Obsidian items directly.

And these are all the materials you’ll need for ascending Luka in Star Rail! Drop rates for Traces materials are far from the best currently, but that’s just how it is, so good luck on your farm. At the end of the day, a Crimson Calyx is just another punch bag.

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