All Kei Cars in Gran Turismo 7 – Full Kei Car List

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All Kei Cars in Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo has always been a good way to experience Japanese car culture, and what’s more Japanese than cute little Kei cars? This class of Japanese micro-cars or ultra minis represents passenger vehicles of the smallest possible dimensions that are legal for driving on the highway. For a car to be considered a Kei car, it needs to fit into the Japanese government regulations that state that the car of this class needs to be no longer than 11.2ft, no wider than 4.9ft, and have an engine up to 660c with power under 46 kW (64 PS).

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All Kei Cars in Gran Turismo 7

Unfortunately, unlike the previous Gran Turismo sequels where there were many more of these strange little cars, in Gran Turismo 7 we only have a few of them so far – even though one Menu Book mission of GT Cafe is dedicated only to them. “Enter the Lightweight K-Cup” is the name of Menu Book #40 that contains races on Tokyo Expressway, Lago Maggiore, and Willow Springs with the following cars:

  • Daihatsu Copen ’02
  • Honda Beat ’91
  • Honda S660 ’15
  • Suzuki Cappuccino (EA11R) ’91
For just 19,800 credits you can get your first Kei car

Yes, we have only four real Kei cars in Gran Turismo 7, and to make matters worse the only one you can always find in the dealership is the newest Honda S660 – the other three legendary microcars you will need to hunt down by daily checking the used and legendary cars dealerships. S660 will do it, but getting a used Cappuccino, tuning it correctly, and applying some of the anime liveries is a real way to go! Also, for the Kei Cup Menu Book races, when you tune your K-Car, be sure to equip it with a low-RPM turbo – thank me later!

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